The best comedies of 2011: a list of the best comedies of the year

Before you are the best comedies of 2011. The list of all worthy comedies of last year will be rather big, therefore we suggest to get acquainted with the most popular comedies! And although these are not the only best films of 2011 by , everyone who loves this genre is obliged to watch them.

"Gender: The Secret Material"

What is the picture: Two bosom friends go on a journey to places somehow connected with the manifestation of extraterrestrial civilizations. On the way to them, incredible luck awaits them - they get a real living alien. Guys decide to help him return to his home. But everything turns out to be much more complicated than they thought, because some people absolutely do not want to let the alien from Earth.

Why is worth looking at: The picture "Sex: Secret materialchik" is good for many reasons. In particular, it gives a rare opportunity to recall those times when the famous series "The X-Files" went on the air or when Steven Spielberg's "Alien" film was shot. The best comedy in the world is pleased with the heroes, Jason Bateman in the image borrowed from "The Men in Black", and Kristen Weig, who plays an ardent Catholic and a lover of strong words, who have already become fond of heroes since the time of the "Zombie Sean" tape.


What is the picture: Just before the bank closes, two gangs of robbers burst into it, taking visitors and workers hostage. One of the clients who wants to save the situation, tries to reconcile the robbers with each other. As events unfold, he begins to suspect that everyone who happened to be in the bank was not at all accidentally here. And what about him?

Why should you look: The peculiarity of the picture "Velcro" is that it is a criminal comedy. And this means that not only excellent humor is intertwined here, but also an interesting detective element, which makes it impossible to tear yourself away from the film.

"Incompatible bosses"

What is the picture: Three friends, tired of the constant attacks of their superiors, unexpectedly come to an interesting conclusion. They should kill their bosses, thereby putting an end to all their torment at work.

Why is worth seeing: The picture attracts primarily its unusual characters. Nowhere else will you be able to see Jennifer Aniston as a sexual nymphomaniac, Kevin Spacey in the guise of a despotic boss, and Colin Farrell - in the role of a balding, dull-witted cocaine lover. Not surprisingly, the main characters dream of quickly getting rid of such bosses.