Top 10 people who have changed the quality of life for the better

Antibiotics, television and radio, gadgets. Now it is difficult to imagine that at one time no one heard about these things that have become familiar to us.

We present to you ten people of the 20th century who had a serious impact on the quality of life in the 21st century. The list was compiled on the basis of a selection of experts from the publication and the Infiniti brand.


  • 10. Thomas Edison
  • 9. Heinrich Hertz
  • 8. The Wilbur brothers and Orville Wright
  • 7. Frank Lloyd Wright
  • 6. Alexander Fleming
  • 5. Richard Branson
  • 4. Shiro Nakamura
  • 3. Steve Jobs
  • 2.Pierpaolo Petruziello
  • 1. George Lucas

10. Thomas Edison

At the age of 84, Thomas Edison acquired a record number of patents( 1,093 singly or jointly) and was the driving force behind such innovations as phonograph, incandescent lamp, and one of the earliest movie cameras. He also created the first industrial research laboratory in the world.

9. Heinrich Hertz

The great German physicist made possible the development of radio, television and radar, proving that electricity can be transmitted through electromagnetic waves.

8. The Wilbur brothers and Orville Wright

They own the invention of the first controlled aircraft heavier than air. The plane, which was created in Dayton, Ohio, and took to the air in the state of North Carolina on December 17, 1903, marked the beginning of the "era of pioneers" of aviation, the production of the safest mode of transport.

7. Frank Lloyd Wright

Became the creator of the "organic architecture", declaring that the forms found in the environment should not only be integrated into the architecture, but also form the basis for it.

6. Alexander Fleming

A Scottish bacteriologist in 1928 discovered penicillin, an antibiotic drug that helps kill harmful bacteria. Some doctors thought that penicillin could have a certain value as a local antiseptic, others were skeptical. Fleming was confident that penicillin can act inside the body. He conducted several experiments to demonstrate that penicillin is effective in fighting bacteria, even if it is diluted 800 times.

Fleming's work on immunology, bacteriology and chemotherapy was innovative for his time and had a great influence on the development of medicine.

5. Richard Branson

On the fifth line of the top 10 people who changed the world for the better, is the creator of the British company Virgin Records, which now deals with various activities - from the production of alcohol to air travel. Those who want to go on an excursion into space, you should turn to Branson. He is the founding father of Virgin Galactic, the world's first company specializing in space tourism.

4. Shiro Nakamura

Senior vice president of design for Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.since 2001 and the chief creative director since April 2006.He oversees the brand strategy and product design of Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun. On the Japanese automobile design and the Japanese car industry as a whole, many car manufacturers from Europe and the USA have been oriented and oriented.

3. Steve Jobs

Music player Ipod, Iphone smartphone, iPad tablet, iTunes media player - the best inventions of Steve, the founder of Apple. And Steve Jobs and engineer Steve Wozniak have the merit of developing the world's first personal computer.

2. Pierpaolo Petruziello

This Italian, who lost his left arm and forearm as a result of a motorcycle accident, for the first time in the world learned to manage a biomechanical prosthesis with the help of thoughts. According to Petruziello, this required a lot of effort, he had to train for almost a month, from 9 am to 6 pm. The experiment in which Petruziello participated, gives hope to many people who have lost limbs, the opportunity to return to normal life.

1. George Lucas

The first place in the list of people who changed our view of the quality of life is occupied by the father of one of the most famous Hollywood franchises - Star Wars. Thanks to him in the film industry, the technology "chromakey" has spread widely. The principle of it is this: shootings in the pavilion go on a monochrome background, which then clean and combine the image with the desired landscape or interior( including using computer graphics).Lucas is the founder of the computer animation studio Pixar, which regularly supplies Hollywood, and through him the whole world, a virtual reality.