Rating of the sexiest women of 2016 Victoria's Secret

Every year Victoria's Secret - one of the largest brands in the women's underwear market - produces a list of its favorites from "the most inspirational women in Hollywood who embody the coveted lifestyle."In this case, the beauties that are related to the brand, do not fall into the list, so Victoria's Secret can not be accused of bias. That's who entered the rating of the sexiest women in 2016 .


  • 7. Sexiest actress
  • 6. Sexiest
  • legs 5. Sexual breakthrough of year
  • 4. Sexiest singer
  • 3. Sexiest female athlete
  • 2. Sexiest woman of the world
  • 1. Sexual always

7. Sexiestactress

Carrie Washington is known for her roles in the films "Fantastic Four: The Invasion of the Silver Surfer", "Dzhango Liberated" and "The Last King of Scotland".This is the first black actress for the last 38 years, which has won a major role in the drama series( "Scandal") on American television.

6. The sexiest legs

American dancer and country singer Julianne Haf won the hearts of the fans not only with the magnificent performance of ballroom dances, but also with her charming appearance. In 2008, Maxim magazine experts called her one of the sexiest women on the planet.

5. Sexual breakthrough of the year

Keke Palmer - is another dark-skinned actress in the sexy female top-7.For the first time, viewers saw her as the niece of the heroine Quinn Latifah in the movie "Hairdresser 2: Again in business."After this, the producers piled up the talented girl with job offers and now the career of the 22-year-old actress is rapidly gaining momentum.

4. The sexiest singer

In her youth, the author and songwriter and singer Demi Lovato was shot in the films of the studio "Disney".However, this had a disservice to her: because of the stellar illness, relations with her classmates had deteriorated, so the girl had to switch to homework. After that, she decided to do music, and this decision was true. In 2013, Demi received a "gold" certificate for the sale of the album DEMI in Mexico. The same album became platinum three times in Brazil.

3. The sexiest sportswoman

Last year, footballer Alex Morgan became world champion, and before that she was the winner of the 2012 Olympic Games and the best football player of the USA( also in 2012).Now she is in favor of the Portland Thorns club as an attacker and the US team, and in her free time she writes children's books about four football players.

2. The sexiest woman in the world

Alicia Vikander differs cold northern beauty( she from Sweden) and magnificent plasticity, thanks to her dancing. In his acting baggage has an "Oscar" and SAG Awards "for the role of the artist Gerda Wegener in the film" Girl from Denmark ".She also played the Russian noblewoman Kitty in the British adaptation of "Anna Karenina" and Gaby Teller in "The Agents of ANKL".In the last film, thanks to retro outfits and hairstyle, she looked like two famous movie stars: Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren.

1. Sexy is always

Fashion designer, businesswoman, actress, dancer, singer - it's all about Jennifer Lopez. The girl, who grew up on the troubled Black Rock Avenue, soared so high that she was awarded a personal star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her appearance still drives men mad, and many women would like "a body like that of Lo," despite the fact that Lopez turned 46 years old.