Rating of the best echo sounders for fishing

It's been a long time since the developers of Lowrance first introduced the world to their new invention, the main purpose of which was to find fish and scan the bottom. Currently, echosounders are gaining increasing popularity, being one of the most popular devices for fishing. No fisherman thinks of the process of fishing without using an echosounder. In the world, a countless number of different types and modifications of this device have been produced for all weather conditions and species of fishing itself.

Based on the results of numerous studies and opinion polls, as well as on sales results, has compiled a rating of the best echosounders for fishing , which are the most popular among consumers of foreign and domestic markets. Models included in the list of the best, refer to a variety of price categories, so that everyone can choose for themselves suitable for functionality and cost sounder for winter or summer fishing.

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So, in the rating of the most popular and high-quality echo sounders are:


  • 1. Furuno FCV-587
  • 2. Garmin Echo 550c
  • 3. HawkEye F33P
  • 4. Humminbird 360 Imaging
  • 5. Lawrence Elite-7 HDI
  • 6.Lawrence HDSGen2 Touch
  • 7. Mariner LX-9 Sonar / Camera
  • 8. Raymarine Dragonfly
    • How to choose an echo sounder for fishing:

1. Furuno FCV-587

This echo sounder has two beams, as well as lots of extra and very useful functions. For example, the ability to determine and the number of fish of a very diverse size and at very different depths. In addition, this remarkable device can determine the nature of the bottom and its composition. The sounder of this brand is also unique in that it allows the angler to look at the fish that is on the bottom, which for the rest of the echo sounders is an impossible task. Add to all the characteristics of a large and high-quality screen, the image on which is clearly visible from any angle, and you will get a complete picture of this echo sounder.

2. Garmin Echo 550c

Do not think that this echo sounder is just one more device in the wide model range of Garmin. Against the background of all the other devices of the world famous manufacturer, it is advantageous for high image quality, the ability to transmit images in real time, as well as the function of memorizing and rewinding information.

3. HawkEye F33P

Is the the best echosounder among the entry-level models. The most suitable model for the angler, who prefer to fish from the shore or pier. This echo sounder allows you to thoroughly study the underwater situation at a distance of up to nine meters from the fisherman. Correctly picking the mount to the device, you can scan the underwater territory to the left and right of yourself, or in any other direction, depending on the need. Thanks to powerful batteries, this model can fully and efficiently work up to thirty hours without interruption.

4. Humminbird 360 Imaging

For the first time acquainted with this echosounder, most fishermen have come to an indescribable delight that this device has the ability to distinguish fish and bottom relief more than forty-five meters from the swimming device. All this became possible, thanks to a quality and very powerful sensor of the device. The sounder has as many as four beams and a whole mountain of settings for almost any, even the most incredible situation. The sonar screen can simultaneously display a picture of the underwater world in real time, as well as a GPS map. The screen has eight different color options. An undeniable advantage of this model is the very low dropping of the sounder sensor into the water below the body of the swimming device.

5. Lawrence Elite-7 HDI

This device combines an echo sounder and a chartplotter. Thanks to the latest technologies used in the production of this echosounder, it has a very high-quality picture of the bottom and fish, which can be seen on a superb seven inch screen. In addition, the echo sounder is equipped with a GPS antenna and a mass of built-in maps. Uniqueness to this device is provided by the presence of a function that allows you to create maps of the water area of ​​your interest.

6. Lawrence HDSGen2 Touch

Relatively fresh model of inventors echo sounders, released by the company only two years ago. This model has three output options with different screen sizes. Due to the presence of an ultrasensitive touch control, the control is easy with the touch of your fingers. The main advantage is the presence of a three-dimensional image and the possibility to explore the lateral parts of the water area at a very considerable distance from the swimming device, which can reach about two hundred meters. In the echosounder of the presented model, it is possible to rewind the already existing picture in order to repeat the radiation in that place, and to place the mark on the map in a place where you would like to return later. Given the huge number of built-in cards in the echosounder, such a device is simply indispensable for fishing from a boat or a boat.

7. MarCum LX-9 Sonar / Camera

Very handy device, is the best of the echo sounders for ice fishing .Everything that happens under water is fixed by a powerful camera and output to a quality screen that has four options for color settings. And the sounder is able to literally instantly reproduce all the records made earlier. Has two rays. It is implemented in a kit with a convenient cover, a powerful battery and a charger to it, which is another positive aspect of this echo sounder.

8. Raymarine Dragonfly

The uniqueness of this device lies in the fact that the manufacturer managed to combine high quality in it at a very low price. In this case, the echo sounder is able to produce a photographic image quality of the water bottom in real time. This model has a very sensitive temperature sensor built into the sensor of the device, so that the echosounder responds even to the slightest temperature fluctuations. A built-in GPS receiver can instantly determine your location on the map.

How to choose an echo sounder for fishing: