The most beautiful Italian actresses( 28 photos)

27th place. Laurella de Luca / Lorella De Luca ( September 17, 1940, Florence - January 9, 2014) is an Italian actress. One of the most famous is the engineer( the image of a naive girl) in Italian cinema.

26 place. Laura Morante ( born August 21, 1956, Santa Feora, Italy) is an Italian actress and director.

25 place. Marina Berti ( September 29, 1924, London, England - October 29, 2002) - an Italian actress, popular in the 50-60's. Her real name is Elena Morin Bertolini. The growth of the actress is 170 cm, the parameters of the figure are 86-61-91.5.

24 place. Silvana Pampanini ( September 25, 1925, Rome - January 6, 2016) is an Italian actress, popular in the 1950s, including in the USSR, where she was known for her film "Husband for Anna Dzakkeo"( 1953).

23 place. Silva Koschina / Sylva Koscina ( August 22, 1933 - December 26, 1994) is an Italian actress. Born in Zagreb( Croatia) from his Greek father and mother Polka. During the Second World War, she moved to Italy, where in 1955 she began acting in films. She was best known for the roles of Princess Iola, the bride of Hercules( Steve Reeves) in the films The Feats of Hercules( 1958) and The Heroic deeds of Hercules: Heracles and the Queen of Lydia( 1960).

22 place. Anna Maria Ferrero / ( born February 18, 1934, Rome) is an Italian actress who appeared in the movies in the 50-60's. Her real name is Guerro.

21 place. Rosanna Schiaffino ( November 25, 1939, Genoa, Italy - October 17, 2009) is an Italian actress, popular in the 1960s. Soviet moviegoers are known mainly for the role of the Countess Jeanne de Beauvais in the film "Secrets of the Burgundy Court"( 1961).

20th place. Manuela Arcuri / Manuela Arcuri ( born January 8, 1977, Anagni, Italy) is an Italian actress and fashion model. Growth Manuela 174 cm, the parameters of the figure 94-63-96.

19 place. Simona Cavallari / AS Simon Cavallari ( born April 5, 1971, Rome) is a modern Italian actress, is shot in films and serials.

18th place. Caterina Murino / Caterina Murino ( born September 15, 1977, Cagliari, Italy) is an Italian actress originally from the island of Sardinia. She gained worldwide fame after performing the role of Solange Dimitrios in the film from the cycle about Jay Bond "Casino Royal" »(2006).

17th place. Ornella Muti ( born March 9, 1955, Rome) is an Italian film actress. Russian audience Ornella Muti is best known for the film "The Taming of the Shrew"( 1980).The real name of the actress is Francesca Romana Rivelli. Her father is a Neapolitan, and his mother is Russian. The growth of Ornella Muti 168 cm, the parameters of the figure 89-61-89.

16 place. Stefania Sandrelli ( born June 5, 1946, Viareggio, Italy) is an Italian actress who became famous at the age of 15 after the movie "Divorce in Italian"( 1961).Parameters of the Figure 98-67-101( at the age of 39 years).

15 place. Rossana Podestà / ( June 20, 1934 - December 10, 2013) is an Italian actress. Rossana was born in Tripoli, Libya( at that time an Italian colony).After the Second World War, she moved with her parents to Rome. In the movie, she is best known for the role of Elena Troyan in the film of the same name in 1956.

14th place. Daniela Bianchi / Daniela Bianchi ( born January 31, 1942, Rome) is an Italian model and actress, best known for the Bond movie "From Russia with Love"( 1963), where she played Tatiana Romanova. In 1960, she represented Italy at the Miss Universe contest, where she won the second place and won the Miss Photogenity nomination.

13 place. Giovanna Rally ( born January 2, 1935, Rome) is an Italian film actress, popular in the 60s.

12 place. Scilla( Scylla) Gabel / Scilla Gabel ( born January 4, 1938, Rimini, Italy) is an Italian film actress. The real name is Gianfranca Gabellini. Her acting career began as an understudy Sophia Loren. The heroine of Odyssey by Homer Scylla, after whom the actress took the pseudonym, she never played, but she played in teleadaptation "Odyssey" in 1968 Helena Troyanskaya.

11 place. Margaret Madè ( born June 22, 1982, Paterno, Sicily) is an Italian actress and model. The height is 177 cm, the parameters of the figure are 83-60-88.

10 place. Zeudi Araja / ( born February 10, 1951) is an Italian actress of Eritrean origin. Miss Eritrea 1969. Since 1972 she lives in Italy. In 1976, played her most famous role - Friday in the comedy "Signor Robinson."Zeudi Arai was the last wife of the famous Italian producer Franco Kristaldi.

9 place. Edwige Fenech ( real name Sfenek / Sfenek) is an Italian actress, TV presenter and film producer. Born on December 24, 1948 in the city of Bon in Algiers, which at that time was a colony of France. Her father is a Maltese, and his mother is Italian from Sicily. When Edvig was ten years old, the family moved to France. In 1967 she won the beauty contest Lady France and represented France at the contest Lady Europa. In the same 1967, Fenech moved to Italy, where, thanks to her magnificent body, she became the star of erotic films.

8th place. Gigliola Cinquetti ( born December 20, 1947, Verona, Italy) is an Italian singer, actress and TV presenter. In 1964 she represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest, where she won with the song "Non ho l'étà" and gained international recognition. In 1974, for the second time participated in the Eurovision Song Contest with the composition "Si" and won the second place, second only to the quartet ABBA.She starred in 10 films.

7 place. Anita Ekberg( September 29, 1931, Malmö, Sweden - January 11, 2015) is an actress best known for her roles in the films Federico Fellini's "The Sweet Life"( 1960) and "Boccaccio-70"( 1962).Since the 60's lived in Italy. In 1951, Ekberg won the "Miss Sweden" contest and represented Sweden at the international contest "Miss Universe 1951".Height of 169 cm, the parameters of the figure at the contest Miss Sweden: 100-56-91.

6 place. Isabella Rossellini / Isabella Rossellini is an Italian actress and fashion model. Born June 18, 1952 in Rome in the family of the famous Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman and Italian filmmaker Roberto Rossellini. The growth of Isabella Rossellini 173 cm, the parameters of the figure 90-73,5-91,5( at the age of 42 years).

5 place. Pier Angeli / Pier Angeli ( June 19, 1932, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy - September 10, 1971) is an Italian and American actress.

4 place. Claudia Cardinale( born April 15, 1938, La Gulette, Tunisia).In 1957, Claudia Cardinale won the title of the most beautiful Italian of Tunisia, the prize was a trip to the Venice Film Festival, where she was noticed by the young producer Franco Cristaldi, who later becomes her husband. Thanks to Kristaldi, Claudia Cardinale moved to Italy and started acting in Italian cinema. The growth of Claudia Cardinale is 173 cm, the parameters of the figure are 94-58,5-94;figure parameters at the age of 38 years 96.5-61-94.

3 place. Gina Lollobrigida ( born July 4, 1927, Rome) is an Italian actress. International fame Lollobrigide brought roles in the films "Fanfan-Tulip"( 1952) and "Notre Dame de Paris"( 1956).The height of Gina Lollobrigida is 165 cm, the parameters of the figure are 90-51-90( at the age of 20 years at the Miss Italy competition-1947), 94-53-90( at the age of 30).

2 place. Monica Bellucci( born September 30, 1964, Citta di Castello, Italy) is an Italian actress and model. Growth Monica Bellucci 170 cm, the parameters of the figure 89-61-89.

1 place. Sophia Loren( born September 20, 1934, Rome) is a famous Italian actress, winner of an honorary "Oscar"( 1991) with the formulation "for a career rich in memorable roles, which gave a non-fading brilliance to cinematography."Her real name is Shikolone. According to a survey of readers of The Daily Mail in 2006, Sophia Loren, 71, at the time, was recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world. The growth of Sophia Loren 174 cm, the parameters of the figure 96.5-61-96.5( aged 22 years), 91.5-61-96( at the age of 50 years).

Italian cinema is one of the top three cinematographers in Europe, behind the number of films produced in the year( about 160) only in France and the UK.Italian films won Oscar 14 times in the nomination "Best film in a foreign language", which is a record figure( in second place is France with 12 winners).The peak of Italian cinema came in the 60-70s of the 20th century, but now Italian cinema is very popular. The share of national cinema in Italy is 37%, which is the highest in Europe. Released in 2016, the film "To hell with the horns"( Italian Quo vado?) Has collected at the box office 65 million euros, becoming the highest grossing Italian film of all time.
This ranking will feature the most beautiful Italian actresses of the 20th and 21st centuries. The list includes mostly ethnic Italians, and there are also actresses of other nationalities who were filmed mostly in Italian cinema.

28 place. Violante Placido ( born May 1, 1976, Rome, Italy) is an Italian actress and singer, daughter of Italian actors Michele Placido and Simonetta Stefanelli.