Top-10 most effective exercises for the buttocks

Every person wants his figure to evoke envy and admiration. While many men are focused on losing extra pounds, creating press cubes and building biceps, girls earnestly perform 's most effective exercises for the buttocks of the at home and in the gym to perfectly fit into tight new jeans and not get fat.

If you dream to make your fifth point more beautiful and smart, we offer the top of the best exercises for hips and buttocks. They need to be performed three times a week, preferably together with cardio-loads, such as running. This ensures that you do not develop a muscle imbalance, because of which the body may look somewhat disproportionate. Each exercise is repeated ten times, making more complex variations, performing the exercise more slowly, or giving the body a greater load with each repetition.


  • 10. Deep squats
  • 9. "Horseman"
  • 8. Lunge
  • 7. Semi-joke
  • 6. Swings back
  • 5. Makhi foot sideways
  • 4. Find for lazy
  • 3. "Fire hydrant"
  • 2.Full bridge
  • 1. "Floating legs"

10. Deep squats

When doing squats, especially without extra weight, it is better to crouch as low as you can, keeping the back straight. Legs should be placed shoulder width or slightly wider. In order to make sure that your upper back is straight, you can keep your hands straight at the chest level. Clasp your hands in the lock and keep your backs to yourself. When you get up, do not tear off the heels from the floor.

9. "Horseman"

Very useful exercise for those who want to pump up the buttocks. Stand upright, put your feet wide, socks should be directed in opposite directions. And squat is shallow, the movement should be as if you are going to sit on a chair. Your hips should be parallel to the ground, the back straight. While doing the exercise, you may feel slight pain in your legs, but do not give up. Try to keep this position longer. Beginners usually start with 15 seconds and gradually increase the training time. Experienced "riders" can hold the position for 5 minutes.

8. Lunge

The eighth number is an excellent dynamic exercise, which serves to tighten the buttocks and provides a good workout for the cardiovascular system. Stand so that the feet are parallel to each other, and the legs are at a distance slightly wider than the hips. Slightly bend your back in the lower back and bend your knees slightly. Take a big step forward, shifting the center of gravity to the forward leg. Keep your back straight. Sit on the front leg, holding the bent knee so that it is as close to the floor as possible. Climb and take a step back so that your legs return to their original position. Repeat all the steps with the left foot.

You can make this less difficult, keeping a small weight in your hands.

7. Semi-Brake

One of the most effective exercises for women for the growth of buttocks, but difficult to perform, so be prepared for weak painful sensations. To perform the exercise, lie on your back, put your hands along the trunk. Place your legs bent at the knees on the floor. Raise the buttocks from the floor until the moment until only the feet, shoulders and neck will not touch the floor. Up your hips at the maximum height for you, squeeze the buttocks.

The exercise will quickly become very light, and when this happens, you can straighten one leg, strengthening the positive effect of training.

6. Swing your foot back

Lean on your knees and straight hands. Raise the leg, bent at an angle of ninety degrees from the floor so that the heel is parallel to the ceiling. When the leg and body form a string, slowly lower your leg back, and then repeat all the steps with the other leg. This exercise at first can cause a cramp in the leg, so do not do it too sharply or quickly.

5. Makhi foot sideways

Stand sideways next to the chair. With your left hand, rest on the back of the chair. Holding the back straight up your leg( without bending the knee) to the side at an angle of 45 degrees. Do not try to raise it as high as possible, it does not increase the effectiveness of the exercise. Lower your foot, stand with your other side and repeat all the steps.

4. Find for the lazy

The fourth place of our sports top-10 is a quick and easy solution for pumping the buttocks. Lie on a hard surface near the wall, bend your knees. Put your feet in the wall and move as if you are walking up and down. Buttocks from the floor tear off.

3. "Fire hydrant"

Start in a position standing on your knees, like for a swing with your foot back, and then lift your leg to the side, keeping it bent at the knee and at an angle of 90 degrees. Then start to rotate the leg from the hip, making first small circles, and then all the wider.

Do this as long as you can. For beginners, 20 seconds are enough for three approaches. This is a good exercise for strengthening the gluteal and smaller muscles in the legs.

2. Full bridge

Lie on your back, with your legs bent, your knees "look" up. Place your hands on the ground on either side of the head. The fingers should point to the shoulders. Begin to lift the whole body, spread apart the legs and arms as the hips go up.

A successful full bridge requires a decent amount of training, strong wrists and mobility of shoulders. Exercise not only helps to improve the shape of the buttocks, it is useful for the legs, shoulders, as well as the muscles of the abdomen and upper body. Hold the position as long as you can: start with 30 seconds, and maximum - 3 minutes, otherwise there will be a strong flow of blood to the head. Then slowly return to the starting position, and lie down for 60-90 seconds, before rising, so that the blood flow back to normal. This exercise is an excellent finisher.

1. "Fluttering legs"

An excellent way to improve the shape of the abdomen and buttocks, the two body parts that every woman wants to boast in the summer. Lying on your back, lift your feet from the ground to 45 degrees, and then lift one leg up, and the other one down and alternate your legs for as long as you can stand.

We do not answer the question about what exercises for the buttocks are the most effective , because all the exercises in our rating are useful. Three lessons per week is enough to improve the shape of the buttocks before the summer vacation period.