10 most unusual means of transportation


  • 1. Individual monorail
  • 2. Motorcycle
  • 3. Surfing in quiet weather
  • 4. Wheelchair
  • 5. Amphibian bus
  • 6. Jet pack
  • 7. The fastest school bus
  • 8. Private submarine
  • 9. Bus-tunnel
  • 10. Anti-gravity shoes

1. Individual monorail

The Moscow monorail for the time being causes only a grin and is almost not perceived as a real, necessary means of transport. But in the New Zealand entertainment park Agroventures Adventure Park there was an individual monorail. At the same time, this is quite necessary and in-demand means of transportation in the park.

2. Motoscate

Combine the skateboard and the motorcycle? Easier than simple! Meet the Motor-skate Wheelman. This non-standard vehicle has the engine power of 2 horsepower and a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour. Ordinary skates this even did not dream!

3. Surfing in silent weather

Excellent for the residents of the West Bank of the USA!They have there, on the Pacific Ocean, large waves are almost every day. So you can surf without all sorts of problems with the expectation of the right wave. And to everyone else who is not so lucky with the place of residence, it is possible to recommend buying a POWERSKI Jetboard, which will allow you to glide along the water and show tricks even on the perfectly flat water surface of a small lake.

4. Wheelchair

Now the phrase "Laziness to get up from the chair" is not an excuse for not going anywhere. After all, the Toyota group introduced the Toyota i-Real travel chair, which allows speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour. And this without the slightest physical effort from the position of the person who is in it.

5 .Amphibian car

Amphibious cars, thanks to the James Bond movies and the other superheroes, do not seem to be anything unusual at all. But the buses-amphibians - yes. Anyway, similar buses from the Italian company AMPHICOACH already with might and main dissect the water spaces around the world. While as a sightseeing vehicle.

6. Jetpack

Another means of transportation, which before could be seen only in the films about super-spies and superheroes - a jet pack. Already now began to appear more or less working models of Jetpacks. For example, Martin Jetpack. From the ground to break away, he has already learned, however, so very high. Well, for any case, any similar satchel is equipped with a parachute.

7. The fastest school bus

If the driver of the school bus promised in 2 seconds.bring your child to school, then this is not an exaggeration. After all, Indy Boys Inc.from Indianapolis created a school bus, one that can accelerate to a speed of 590 kilometers per hour. However, for this purpose an engine of 42 hundred liters was put on it.from.from a Phantom fighter. And no one is going to plant the children inside it.

8. Private submarine

Small private submarines, of course, already exist. However, here is a full-fledged, large submarine, which would be for private needs, and not for the needs of the army - as long as the future is concerned. However, the projects of these unusual vehicles are already in full swing being developed. For example, the project of a luxury submarine Phoenix 1000. It provides several luxurious rooms, a wardroom with a bar, a gym and, for sure, even a swimming pool.

9. Bus Tunnel

It's no secret that the streets of modern cities can not cope with the flow of cars, every day they go to them. Different authorities suggest different ways to overcome this crisis. For example, Chinese engineers from Shenzhen intend to create passenger buses in the near future, at the first level of which there will be a tunnel for cars.

10. Anti-gravity shoes

Anti-Gravity Boots - an option for those who like to move with great speed, but does not want to pollute the nature of emissions from external combustion engines. These are shoes, those will turn a person into a real grasshopper and at the same time increase the speed of his movement several times. You just need not be afraid of heights.

Motion is life. Fortunately, recently there were so many various means of transportation: from the most ordinary to the most original, that staying in place is simply unrealistic, even if it is very desirable. Here are just 10 of the most unusual vehicles in the world.