Hair dryer rating for 2016: the best models

Hair dryer can cost one thousand and five thousand rubles and it is often unclear whether you really get what you pay for. Some models can damage your hair or turn your head into a kind of dandelion. Therefore, making your choice, it is better to focus on customer feedback. We present to you a rating of hair dryers of 2016 , based on opinions and estimations of users of "Yandex. Market".

10. Braun HD 710 Satin Hair 7

  • 9. Philips BHD282
  • 8. Philips HP8270
  • 7. Bosch PHD5980
  • 6. Bosch PHD5781
  • 5. Braun HD 780 Satin Hair 7
  • 4. BaByliss BAB6510IRE
  • 3. PhilipsHP8233
  • 2. Bosch PHD5962
  • 1. Bosch PHD9760 / 9769
  • 10. Braun HD 710 Satin Hair 7

    The average price is 3 240 rubles.
    Power - 2200 Watts.

    Opens the top 10 best hairdos professional model with 3 modes of speed and 3 modes of air flow( their competitors usually 2).There is an on-off indication and an ionization mode that creates an anti-static effect when drying hair. Provides protection against overheating. And everyone would have this hair dryer, if not for the big weight( 0.75 kg).

    9. Philips BHD282

    Average price - 2 736 rubles.
    Power - 2300 Watts.

    There is an ionization mode and a cold air supply. The set includes a diffuser nozzle and a concentrator. To make the stacking as convenient as possible, the model has three temperature settings and two speed modes.

    Disadvantages: noisy.

    8. Philips HP8270

    Average price - 3 711 rubles.
    Power - 2300 Watts.

    Due to the presence of an air heating sensor, the hair dryer does not overdry the hair, and 6 modes of operation allow it to be adjusted for any "hairdresser" needs. The ionization mode eliminates the problem of electrolysis of hair.

    Disadvantages: heavy, the cold air button is not fixed.

    7. Bosch PHD5980

    Average price - 3 235 rub.
    Power - 2200 Watts.

    Beautiful golden hairdryer with 3 temperature modes, 2 speeds of air supply, ionization and cold air supply. In the "turbo" mode, you can quickly dry your hair.

    Disadvantages: Strongly blowing already at the second speed and very weakly - at the first.

    6. Bosch PHD5781

    Average price - 2 849 rub.
    Power - 2000 Watts.

    Lightweight hairdryer with folding handle, ionization mode and already traditional for good models with three heating modes and two modes of airflow adjustment.

    However, users have claims to the folding handle, it's a little lyuftit.

    5. Braun HD 780 Satin Hair 7

    Average price - 4 060 rub.
    Power - 2000 Watts.

    This model has 4 heating modes and 2 air supply modes. She is praised by the owners of long and lush hair, who know how easy it is to get a "dandelion" on the head with unsuccessful drying.

    Disadvantages: no ionization, heavy.

    4. BaByliss BAB6510IRE

    Average price - 3 487 rubles.
    Power - 2400 Watts.

    Powerful, good hair dryer with the ability to supply cold air and ionization mode. A three meter long power cord allows you to dry your hair without having to be "tied" to a power outlet.

    Cons: heavy, noisy, vibrates when working.

    3. Philips HP8233

    The average price is 2 860 rubles.
    Power - 2200 Watts.

    This hair dryer immediately attracts attention with its strict and elegant design. A comfortable rubberized handle like a glove is in the hand. There is an ionization function, cold air blowing, 3 heating modes and 2 airflow adjustment modes.

    Disadvantages: the cord is twisted when used.

    2. Bosch PHD5962

    Average price - 2 406 rubles.
    Power - 2200 Watts.

    Stylish model with 3 modes of heating, ionization and 2 modes of fan speed. The set includes a diffuser and a concentrator. And the Bosch PHD5962 would top the best hair dryers of 2016, if not for the short( 1.8 meter) cord.

    1. Bosch PHD9760 / 9769

    The average price is 3 450 rubles.
    Power - 2000 Watts.

    The best hair dryer in the rating. Advantages: a long three-meter cord, 3 heating modes, 2 modes of air supply, ionization mode and the possibility of cold air supply. Dry your hair with Bosch PHD9760 / 9769 in 5 minutes. A great gift to a colleague or relative.