Rating of Russian satellite TV operators

In many regions of Russia, satellite television is the only way to access high-quality television. Traditional antennas fade into the past, giving way to new technologies. Fifty, one hundred and even one hundred and fifty channels are no longer a luxury, but a pleasant way to diversify leisure.

And to make it easier to choose the most suitable "plate", we bring to your attention the rating of Russian satellite TV operators .


  • 5. Orion Express
  • 4. Rainbow TV
  • 3. Active TV
  • 2. Tricolor TV
  • 1. NTV-Plus

5. Orion Express

This operator has been offering satellite TV since 2005.The coverage area of ​​the Orion Express satellites covers the entire territory of Russia. The most affordable package is called "Continent TV", it costs 99 rubles a month and includes 50 TV channels in digital quality and 13 free all-Russian channels. For subscribers of Siberia and the Far East, a special package "Oriental Express" is designed - 57 channels for 199 rubles per month.

4. Rainbow TV

This brand belongs to the company "DalGeoCom."Satellites of the operator broadcast virtually throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation. For reliable reception it is recommended to use an antenna with a diameter of at least 90 cm.

The basic package for Rainbow TV subscribers costs 2,500 rubles a year and allows watching over 90 TV channels.

3. Active TV

Satellite TV "Active TV" is a product of the company RIKOR.Feature "Active TV" is the ability to record up to 120 hours of on-air television from five channels at a time.

Active TV subscribers can view 19 federal channels without a subscription fee, however such a basic package does not allow using all the functions of active television.

2. Tricolor TV

One of the leaders in the satellite TV market has been broadcasting throughout the Russian Federation since 2005.Tricolor offers to watch 11 federal TV channels without a subscription fee, as well as several paid package offers. According to the research company IHS Screen Digest, "Tricolor" in terms of subscriber growth in 2012 ranked first not only in Russia, but also in the world.

"Tricolor TV" - the most massive satellite TV operator in Europe, it proudly ranks among the world's top five market leaders.

1. NTV-Plus

This operator 15 years ago became the first in the Russian market of satellite TV.The company's satellites cover most of Russia and Ukraine with their broadcasting. To date, subscribers of NTV-Plus are more than 2 million viewers. The number of employees of the company, engaged in customer service, exceeds a thousand people.

The most affordable package of channels from NTV-Plus is called "Light", it includes 43 channels and costs 99 rubles a month.