Which is better, a phone or a smartphone than they differ

Smartphones slowly but steadily increased their share in the total sales of mobile devices, until recently the volume of their production has not surpassed that of "ordinary" cell phones. Today, the user is no longer able to call and receive calls anywhere in the world - you want not to break away from the boundless possibilities of the Internet for a second, to turn your mobile device into a real entertainment center that can fill every minute of your life on a holiday. Of course, an ordinary mobile phone is not able to meet the above requirements in due measure, so mass demand has gradually been redirected to smart phones - hybrids of "cellular" and pocket personal computers.

Just look around and you will understand how they have changed our world: the Internet has finally moved beyond the premises, becoming truly global, the devices are not inferior in power and functionality to some personal computers, becoming a kind of admission into the global information society. The best smartphones combined the capabilities of a large number of devices and devices, combining them in one compact package. A full camera, a navigator, a laptop, a distance meter and even a metal detector or a level - in all these guises, smartphones can perform, thanks to hundreds of thousands of applications written specifically for them.

There are a number of features that distinguish the smartphone from the phone - this is a large size, the presence of a touch screen, advanced functionality and support for multitasking, a large amount of operational and built-in memory. But one of the main things that determines what makes a smartphone different from a phone is a mobile operating system. Their very appearance and the subsequent division of the market between 2-3 leaders allowed developers to start mass production of useful applications for android that make our life even brighter, even easier, even more interesting. Yes, and the technical characteristics of representatives of a new class of devices have untied the hands of programmers - the technology has never allowed to create applications for mobile gadgets with the same functionality and graphics as for stationary PCs. Mobile OS allows to optimally use all system capabilities, which is an inexhaustible source for implementing the ideas of programmers and technical specialists.

In principle, open confrontation "smartphones" never happened: smartphones initially appeared as premium devices and exerted significant pressure only on the most expensive models of "mobile phones".Today, the smartphone market is also structured into segments, as the mobile phone market once existed, despite the persisting stereotypes, and economy class devices. Leading global producers, undividedly ruling on the global market, nevertheless leave very serious niches for other companies that have their own philosophy and competent management. For example, the British company Fly managed to reach the third place in terms of sales of smartphones in Russia.

What is the secret of the success of this manufacturer? Most experts agree that the reason for the increase in the market shares of alternative producers is the excessively high level of "brand fees" charged today by world leaders. Fly, in turn, offers a wide range of devices for every taste and purse, the quality of which has already been appreciated by millions of consumers around the world."Top" smartphones from Fly are not inferior in performance to "flagships" to all well-known companies, and smartphones of economy class are in the price segment where they have to compete with ordinary cell phones. It turns out that any Fly device can save up to 60% of the cost( in comparison with similar models of other manufacturers), without saving on the design, performance, functionality and quality of the mobile device

A Russian consumer who already understands the difference between a smartphone and a phone, chose his favorite in the middle segment - Fly Magic. A great device for work and entertainment, will impress you with the ability to work with office documents of all formats, calendar settings and organizer, quick search on the Internet and support for GPS, and on the big screen it's so convenient to watch photos or videos, play modern toys or just read your favorite books. Smartphone Fly Magic( IQ446), which costs about 9000 rubles, has a really decent technical stuffing: touchscreen display with a diagonal of 4.5 inches, a powerful 4-core processor, a camera with a resolution of 8MPix with the ability to record video in High Definition, andone of the most powerful and reliable mobile operating systems( Android 4.1).And of course, traditionally for all products from Fly - support for 2 SIM cards in standby mode. This bestseller has no competitors, even in the extended price range, and user reviews indicate good build quality and component( the percentage of technical failures is minimal).

Does not refuse, however, Fly and from customers who are more conservative and want to purchase a regular cell phone, but with enhanced multimedia capabilities With Fly E157 you will get great benefits at an incredibly low price. Built-in Wi-Fi will allow you to go online, wherever there is access to the network, and on a large 3.5 "screen, you can view the information you are looking for more conveniently than on the standard display of a classic phone. Present in the phone MP3-player, radio, the ability to read electronic books in different formats, 2 SIM-cards, 1.3 megapixel camera and convenient touch control distinguish it from the general series. For such money in stores are usually represented by classic button phones, sliders and clamshells, and here you get a device that differs from a smartphone only by the absence of a mobile operating system. Analysts in one voice call the Fly E157 the most worthy option in the budget segment.

Whatever you choose, the usual cellular or smartphone phones, the purchased devices should be quality and reliable. Do not pay attention to little-known( most often, Chinese) brands, because these gadgets may not work for you and weeks. Similarly, copies - it is better to buy a device that replicates the technical stuffing of premium smartphones than it is unclear where the smartphones manufactured with a design similar to expensive devices.