The fastest trains in the world. Top-11

10 place. THSR 700T - speed 300 - 315 km / h
THSR 700T is a high-speed train on the island of Taiwan, developed on the basis of Japanese trains Shinkansen. The train, whose maximum working speed is 300 km / h, connects northern Taipei and southern Kaohsiung. It consists of 12 comfortable cars and can accommodate 989 passengers. The record speed for this train was set in 2005 and is 315 km / h.

9 place. InterCity Express( ICE) - speed 320 km / h
ICE - high-speed trains, common in Germany and in neighboring countries. On the line Strasbourg-Paris InterCity Express develops speeds up to 320 km / h. Today, ICEs are the main type of long-distance trains, all of which are represented by the German Railways. These trains are also delivered to Russia, where they are used on high-speed rail lines Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow - St. Petersburg.

8 place. Eurostar - speed 300 - 334.7 km / h
Eurostar or British Rail Class 373 is a British high-speed electric train of the TVG series, which runs between the UK, Belgium and France via the Channel Tunnel, which is the second longest railway tunnel in the world. Capacity of the train is 900 passengers, working speed is 300 km / h, and the speed record for this train was established in 2003 and is equal to 334.7 km / h. The route from London to Paris by Eurostar takes 2 hours and 16 minutes.

7 place. KTX Sancheon - speed 305 - 352 km / h
Sancheon, formerly known as KTX II, was commissioned in South Korea in 2009.It was built by Hyundai Rotem based on the technology of French trains TGV and owned by Korail, the national railway operator of South Korea. Although it can reach speeds of up to 352 km / h( the record is set in 2004), for safety reasons it does not travel faster than 305 km / h. A comfortable train with a capacity of 363 passengers operates along the route Yonsan - Gwangju - Mokpo and Seoul - Pusan.

6 place. ETR-500( Elettro Treno Rapido 500) - speed 300 - 362 km / h
For the electric train ETR-500, released in Italy in 1993, the operating speed reaches 300 km / h, and the speed record was delivered in 2009in the tunnel between Bologna and Florence and is 362 km / h. The train overcomes the distance from the center of Bologna to Milan in 56 minutes. As of 2014, it is planned to produce six ETR-1000 trains, which will reach speeds from 360 to 400 km / h.

5 place. AVE Talgo-350 - speed 330 - 365 km / h
AVE( Alta Velocidad Española) is a trademark of the operator of the Spanish Railways Renfe-Operador. The abbreviation simultaneously plays the word "bird"( ave) in Spanish. All AVE class trains are high-speed, but the speed of the AVE Talgo-350 electric train with a capacity of 318 passengers, accelerating to 330 km / h on the Madrid-Valladolid and Madrid-Barcelona routes, is particularly fast. In 2004, during the tests, the train developed a speed of 365 km / h. Because of the appearance, similar to the duck beak, the AVE Talgo-350 received the nickname Pato( duck in Spanish).

4 place. CRH380A - speed 380 - 486.1 km / h
The Chinese train CRH380A is designed for a mesh-breaking exhauster speed of 380 km / h, with a speed record for this train - 486.1 km / h. The manufacture of these iron monsters is engaged in the largest railway manufacturer in China - CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company. High-speed 8-car train with an "airplane type" interior accommodates 494 passengers. In September 2010, the CRH-380A was first put into operation for the Shanghai-Nanjing route. Later he began to make daily flights on the lines of Wuhan - Guangzhou and Shanghai - Hangzhou.

3 place. Shanghai Maglev Train - speed 431 - 501 km / h
Shanghai Maglev - Chinese high-speed train on magnetic suspension, operated in Shanghai since 2004.The maximum express speed is 431 km / h, which allows you to cover the distance from the city center to the airport( 30 km) in just 7-8 minutes. In the test launch on November 12, 2003, this train developed a speed of 501 km / h. The developers of the train are not the Chinese at all, but the Germans. The prototype of the Shanghai Maglev Train was Transrapid SMT.

2 place. TGV POS - speed 320 - 574.8 km / h

These French TVG series trains run between France and Switzerland, as well as between France and Germany. The working speed is 320 km / h. In this case, the model TGV POS belongs to the speed record among the rail trains - in 2007 this train was able to accelerate to 574.8 km per hour .

1 place. Trains of the Shinkansen series - speed 320-581 km / h
Shinkansen( Shinkansen - "new highway" in Japanese) - a network of Japanese high-speed trains, often called "bullets", and there is a good reason for this - the speed record for Shinkansen forof the conventional railway lines is 443 km / h( the record is set in 1996), and the with a magnetic suspension of 581 km / h, which is the absolute world record for the trains( the record was set in 2003).The first high-speed train in Japan was put into operation in 1964.Today, the Shinkansen expresses, consisting of sixteen cars, cover the distance between Osaka and Tokyo in 2 hours 25 minutes. The train has a peculiar oblong nose, due to which it has received the nickname "platypus".By the way, Shinkansen trains have the status of not only one of the fastest trains, but also the safest ones - in 40 years of operation there was not a single major accident.

Since the invention of the railroad has already passed more than one hundred years. Railway transport has overcome a long evolutionary path of development from manual traction of massive cars to modern super-fast expresses operating on the principle of magnetic levitation, which have already become a common phenomenon for many countries of the world. In this collection, the fastest trains that can develop a speed of at least 300 km per hour will be presented.

11 place. HSL 1( High-Speed ​​Line 1) - speed of 300 km / h
HSL 1 is a Belgian high-speed train of the TGV series( Train à Grande Vitesse - French speed train) with an operating speed of 300 km / h,runs on the high-speed railway line connecting Brussels with the French railway line LGV Nord. In operation it was introduced in December 1997.