Iron Rating 2017, the 5 best models by reviews

You can buy yourself clothes from non-removable fabrics and sleep on unglazed sheets, but the moment will come when a woman( and many men) will have to take an iron in her hands. This inexpensive device should be in every house, and in order to make the right choice, we present to you the most functional and safe irons .The rating of 2017( the 5 best models by reviews) was compiled based on user ratings on Yandex. Market.


5. BORK I510( IR 510)

  • 4. Braun TexStyle 770 TP
  • 3. Philips GC 3320
  • 2. BORK I500
  • 1. Philips GC 4870
  • 5. BORK I510( IR 510)

    The average price is 3500rubles.

    Opens our top 5 irons in 2017 with a powerful model( 2400 W) with a steam boost function and vertical steaming. Advantages of this iron are a light weight - 1.6 kg, which will make it easy to use even a fragile girl, and a long three-meter cord. Thanks to the "drop drop" function, the water does not leak from the soleplate of the iron, which sometimes "sin" other models.


    • scum constantly appears( although there is a system of protection against scale);
    • the iron is very noisy;
    • water quickly ends when using the steam mode;
    • is good for ironing only at maximum power and with steam.

    4. Braun TexStyle 770 TP

    The average price is 6000 rubles.

    Very nice iron, but this is just one of its features. And here are the others:

    • automatic shutdown;
    • presence of a nozzle for smoothing delicate fabrics;
    • power 2400 W;
    • vertical steaming;
    • anti-scale system;
    • steam shock;
    • large water tank for 400 ml.

    This is the best iron if you need an ergonomic, quick warming model that can handle all kinds of fabrics equally well.

    Cons: the iron is unstable when upright, when it's heated it emits a small rumble, the price is somewhat overestimated.

    3. Philips GC 3320

    The cost, on average, is 5 430 rubles.

    Stylish and light( 1.64 kg) iron with a three-meter cord, powerful steam impact( 100 g / min) and very fast heating. As for the main function, then the users have no complaints, the Philips GC 3320 easily slips on the fabrics and perfectly handles even whimsical linen things.


    • in the heating sole pile accumulates, so once a year the iron should be disassembled and cleaned.
    • Very strong steam even at the first level of steam output.
    • No automatic shutdown.

    2. BORK I500

    The average price is 4 550 rubles.

    Another representative of the BORK family in our rating of irons. Which iron is better to choose: I500 or I510?If you focus on the price, then I510 is preferable. However, the best iron in 2017, according to experts from Telegraph, must necessarily have an auto-shutdown function for added security. The I500 has an automatic shutdown. It also has a Nanoglass high-strength soleplate( ultra-thin glass spraying), which provides perfect glide on any fabric. The I510 has a Titanium sole with titanium particles and many holes for the best distribution of heat and steam.

    The remaining characteristics of these two irons, including weight and power, are similar. So think for yourself, decide for yourself. ..

    1. Philips GC 4870

    The average cost is 6 490 rubles.

    The best iron for the house in 2017 , if you believe the feedback of users. Its power is 2600 watts, there is a steam stroke, vertical steaming and automatic shut-off function. At the same time, this model weighs no more than BORK irons - 1.6 kg. The long 2.5-meter cable has braided braid, which protects it from kinks.

    Feature of the winner of the rating of irons for quality and reliability of 2017 is the function of ionized steam( Ionic Deep Steam), which allows you to smooth out the most stubborn creases.

    Disadvantages: water runs out quickly, with time it can start to leak.