The biggest liners in the world( top 5) + video

Liners are those sea vessels that make a voyage on a predefined route( line).Often it is the huge ocean liners that are used to organize cruises. Dozens of cruise companies compete with each other for the variety of routes offered and the luxury of their ships.

Today, in our rating, the largest airliners in the world are .These huge floating hotels offer passengers all conceivable and unimaginable amenities and entertainment.

5. Disney Dream - a ship with a length of 340 meters and a displacement of 128 thousand tons, capable of accommodating 4,000 people. This large was built at the German shipyard in Papenburg for the American company Disney Cruise Line. In 2012-2013, it is planned to launch a second ship of this class. On board the ship there are swimming pools, cinemas, water slides and even mini-golf courses. In the interior design of the ship used the image of the most famous "Disney" - Mickey Mouse. The number of crew members is 1458 officers and sailors.

4. Queen Mary 2 is a transatlantic ocean liner built in 2003.The owner of the vessel is the British shipping company Cunard Line. The length of the ship is 345 meters, height - 236 meters, displacement of 151 thousand tons. The liner has 13 passenger decks, whose cabins can accommodate 3,056 people. To service the ship requires a team of 1253 people. The liner is equipped with a helipad, four swimming pools, a tennis court, six restaurants, cinemas, a casino, a shopping center and a winter garden. Among the records of the ship - the largest library on the sea, numbering 8,000 books.

3. Freedom class is a cruise ship group of Royal Caribbean International, which includes 3 ships: Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas and Independence of the Seas. All three vessels have the following impressive parameters: length 338 meters, height 63 meters and displacement 154 thousand tons. Each liner has 15 passenger decks, the cabins of which accommodate 4,370 people. The number of team members is 1,300.The construction of four ships of this class is planned, therefore, in the near future, another huge airliner can be manufactured at Aker Finnyards shipyards.

2. Allure of the Seas is a liner owned by cruise company Royal Caribbean International. The difference in length between Allure of the Seas and the leader of our Oasis of the Seas rating is only a few inches. All other parameters are almost identical. Many believe that even the difference in the length of both ships could be caused by the expansion of steel sheathing due to temperature conditions.

1. Oasis of the Seas is a cruise liner built in 2009 for Royal Caribbean International. The ship is 5 times the size of the infamous Titanic. The largest liner has a length of 361 meters, a width of 63.4 meters, displacement of 220 thousand tons. The ship is capable to accept 5 400 passengers. The number of crew members is 2,100 people.

The liner has 16 passenger decks. All cabins are divided into 37 price categories. The most chic have an area of ​​141 square meters. The ship has 4 swimming pools with slides and jumps, sunbathing areas, hydromassage, gym, miniature golf, ice rink and climbing wall. For lovers of drinking and eating, there are 37 bars and 20 restaurants. There are also shops, a library, a theater, a tropical park, beauty salons and much more. Construction of Oasis of the Seas cost the customer $ 1.5 billion

It is difficult to choose the only criterion by which s will be classified as the largest ones. Someone is impressed by the length, somebody's height, displacement or number of passengers. We tried to bring all the available parameters of those ships that fell into the current rating.