Rating of the safest airlines in the world

Of course, the aircraft is the fastest among passenger modes. However, millions of people are afraid to fly - because every year there are at least several major air crashes in which hundreds of passengers are killed.

It is possible to reduce the risk by choosing the most reliable for the .Identify them is not difficult, because a number of research organizations regularly analyze the activities of carriers, publishing the results of the assessment. Today we offer the safety rating of airlines according to the German research bureau JACDEC.To answer the question: " Which airline is the safest in the world? », experts estimated the statistics of incidents in the last 10 years.


  • 15. Transaero is the safest airline in Russia.
  • 14. British Airways
  • 13. British Airways
  • 12. Lufthansa
  • 11. Qantas
  • 10. Air New Zealand
  • 9. Air Berlin
  • 8. Virgin Blue
  • 7. Emirates
  • 6. JetBlue
  • 5. Hainan Airlines
  • 4.Etihad Airways
  • 3. Cathay Pacific
  • 2. Finnair
  • 1. All Nippon Airways is the safest airline in the world according to JACDEC.

15. Transaero is the safest airline in Russia.

Transaero takes the second place among national companies in terms of passenger traffic. Not once with the aircraft of the airline there were really serious incidents that led to the death of people.

14. EVA Air

is a Chinese airline that has been carrying passengers since 1989.There were no serious accidents with the company's aircraft since its foundation.

13. British Airways

- the first pages of newspapers did not fall since 1976, when the British Airliner collided in the sky with the plane of the airline Inex Adria.63 people died. Since that moment British Airways have been flying without losses.

12. Lufthansa

- , although it has an incident that killed two passengers in 1993, is as reliable as other safe airlines of the world included in the rating.

11. Qantas

- last year headed the list of JACDEC, but due to a change in the methodology of evaluation, dropped to 11th place. Nevertheless, the Australian Qantas airlines are considered highly reliable, and are among the top ten of the rating " The safest airlines " from the Swiss agency ATRA.

10. Air New Zealand

- closes the top ten most secure airlines. For 32 years of existence, the company has not lost a single liner.

9. Air Berlin

is the second German carrier to be on the high positions of the rating. On the account of airlines - 32 years of accident-free flights.

8. Virgin Blue

is an Australian airline that has been carrying passengers for 11 years. There are no serious incidents on the company's flights.

7. Emirates

- differs not only in high-level service, but also in high reliability. All flights of the company for 26 years were absolutely safe.

6. JetBlue

is an American carrier that has not killed a single passenger or crew member for 11 years of work in the market.

5. Hainan Airlines

is the safest airline in China. On the carrier's account - 18 years of lossless flights.

4. Etihad Airways

- the youngest of the airlines represented in the ranking. For 8 years of work, the carrier from the United Arab Emirates has not lost a single aircraft.

3. Cathay Pacific

is a major air carrier from Hong Kong. On the account of the company - 39 years of flights without accidents.

2. Finnair

is the safest airline in Europe. The Finnish carrier has been operating on the market since 1923.The last accident, which killed 22 passengers, happened to the company's liner in 1963.

1. All Nippon Airways is the safest airline in the world according to JACDEC.

The leader of the rating can boast 40 years of accident-free flights. Although there were unpleasant incidents with the liners of the company, in 1995 and 1999 the All Nippon Airways were caught in terrorists. And if in the first case no one died, then in the second one pilot was killed.

Among the Russian air carriers in the JACDEC rating except Transaero was the leader of the national market - Aeroflot, which took 35th place. Aeroflot's reputation was spoiled by the accident of Airbus A310, which occurred on the Moscow-Hong Kong flight in 1993.