Top 7 most popular tourist destinations 2016( National Geographic Traveler)

Where can a Russian go to rest with his family or in splendid isolation? You can develop your own route, or you can use the recommendations of the National Geographic Traveler magazine, which published a rating of the best places to relax in 2016.

Here is the top 7 of the most popular tourist destinations of this year.


  • 7. Glasgow, Scotland
  • 6. Parks of Brown, UK
  • 5. East Bhutan
  • 4. Danube River
  • 3. Bermuda
  • 2. Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
  • 1. Cote d'Or, Burgundy, France

7. Glasgow, Scotland

Connoisseurs of surreal design can visit the world famous Timorus Bystiz studio, founded in 1990.With children, it's good to walk around the botanical gardens of Glasgow, in which rare plant species are found, and with a loved one to visit the performance in the old Royal Theater( opened in 1867).Masters of shopping can not miss a trip to the West End - the focus of fashion boutiques, bars and expensive clubs. Nature lovers should go to Loch Lomond, which is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

When to go: from March to May to admire the spring flowers and get to the Mayfest festival, where in all forms the culture of Scotland is represented.

6. Parks of Brown, UK

Landscaping designer of the 18th century Lancelot Brown designed more than 200 gardens in Britain. His best works are the gardens around the Blenheim Palace( where Winston Churchill was born), the park around Burley House in Lincolnshire, the park surrounding the Chatsworth estate and Stow Park in South England, surrounded by 28 churches. All these parks with sparkling lakes, winding paths and well-groomed lawns are simply created for restoration of emotional balance.

When to go: from May to August.

5. Eastern Bhutan

The Buddhist "Land of the Thunderer's Dragon" rarely sees foreigners due to its high altitude location. Here you can not sell and smoke tobacco( 175 euros fine), but you can buy fine products from silk brocade and try the local herbage - fresh chili and old yak milk cheese( often served with red rice).If you are ready to go to Bhutan, then prepare yourself for the abundance of chili in food. And also to the absence of traffic lights in the capital Thimphu. Instead, in the middle of the main intersections, there are wooden pagoda-style booths, from which police control the flow of cars by theatrical gestures.

When to go: from March to May and from September to November to see major religious holidays, including Goma Kora in March and the Buddha's Advent Day in November.

4. Danube River

The Danube is one of the best rivers for cruises in the world. Cruises on the Upper Danube usually pass between Nuremberg( Germany) and Budapest( Hungary), through the Danube valley of Wachau( Austria) and Bratislava( Slovakia).Cruises along the Lower Danube usually go east from Budapest to the Black Sea, through the territories of Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania.

When to go: all year round. From the middle of November to the end of December, you can go on the Danube to Christmas markets in Nuremberg, Regensburg and Vienna.

3. Bermuda

Drown in the greenery, sunlight and set to laziness and idleness. You can stop at the Cambridge Beach Resort and Spa, which is surrounded by four beaches. Each room here is designed in the style of cottages and has a unique decor. And here there is a cottage that has "lived" for 300 years.

When to go: March-April for whale watching;from May to September, if the goal - to pamper the body on a warm beach;from November to April - there are fewer tourists, the prices for excursions are lower.

2. Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

In Brazil, where there are wild monkeys in the woods, and the pond-prand beaches, the staff of the Rio Grande do Norte is ready to show that it is sunnier and more vibrant than others. It is famous for growing cashews and mangoes, as well as developed tourist infrastructure. In the city of Natal, you can visit the Museum of the Chamber of Cascades, which contains archaeological finds and implements of the Indians and first-class beaches: Ponta Negra, Jacques, Jenipabu and Pipa.

When to go: all year round.

1. Cote d'Or, Burgundy, France

The first vineyards in this area were planted by Roman legionaries. And the natives of these places insist that there is no place in France with wine traditions having deeper roots than in the Côte d'Or. They say that here they produce the best wines in the world. You can watch the process of making wine in the castle of Clos-de-Vougeot, which is located near the city of Bon.

When to go: in July to get to the International Baroque Opera Festival( held in Bonn).