Top-5 interior design ideas 2016: interior doors

Modern decor requires a special relationship: a solution that will appeal not only to those who live indoors on a permanent basis, but also to those who visit your home as a guest. Properly selected interior doors, can increase the overall space, make the room more spacious and light.

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No overhead strip

More recently, the platbands were an integral part in the installation of interior doors, they concealed defects and imperfections: crevices between the walland the door. However, today there are solutions, thanks to which the door will stand perfectly smoothly, according to the design plan, without using the technology of the overhead bar.

Floor to ceiling

The perennial foundations, the tangential heights of interior doors make it difficult for architects to create a truly unique design that will only be present in your home.

Throw aside all the stereotypes, interior doors can be as two or five meters, it all depends on the overall design project.


To create an interior of high quality, no less than high-quality materials are naturally needed. When choosing the interior door, take into account the materials from which it is made, as well as the manufacturing technology.

Only deal with eminent companies working in this field for many years, otherwise you can get a substandard product, for which you will overpay afterwards.

Color scheme

The color depends on the customer's personal desire, but there are certain moments when one color scheme can not be combined with the interior and the general situation in the room or the house. And in the case of installing an interior door, an inappropriate color, it looks pretty meager and ridiculous.

Therefore, it is recommended that all of your wishes be communicated to the designer who composes the project. He must correct and create the most suitable option for the architecture of your house.

Glass and metal

Glass doors are a minimalistic solution, suitable for refined natures. They increase the visibility in the rooms, as well as visually, in combination with other details of the architecture, increase the overall space.

Metal inserts - look great on all types of interior doors in so-called projects for men. In those rooms or houses where bachelors live, who like metallized structures.

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