US Presidential Elections 2016: Results, Candidates

The election of 45 US President took place on November 8, 2016 The date when the destiny of the whole world was decided. The current leader of the country, Barack Obama, could no longer participate in the elections, as he twice served as president.

Topical rating of presidential candidates for the US 2016, analyst forecasts and who is the likely leader read on. The list is constantly updated.

This page contains the final voting results. You will know who won the election and became the next president of America.

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  • Meet 45 US President Donald Trump
  • Total results, processed 99.5% of votes( The New York Times)
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  • Online election video broadcast - Russia 24
  • Eliminated from the electoral race
  • Consolidated rating of the presidential candidates
    • 4. Jill Stein
    • 3. Gary Johnson
    • 2. Donald Trump
    • 1. Hillary Clinton
    • 0. Joseph Biden

Meet 45 US President Donald Trump

sums up the official results of the US presidential election .With a surprisingly large margin, the victory was won by Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The vote count continues, but it will not be able to influence the final result.

Total results, processed 99.5% of votes( data from The New York Times)

Donald Trump 47.5%
Hillary Clinton 47.7%

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Time Moscow


In early votinga record number of voters took part - 43 million


Results from the first voting settlement were announced. Of the six voters, four voted for Hillary Clinton.


In the first voted state of New Hampshire, Trump won overall.


The first polling stations in Vermont were opened an hour ago.

At the moment, open plots in the eastern states: New Jersey, New York, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia. ..


And here are the first lines. ..
Users of social. Twitter networks report growing queues of voters.


Apparently, Hillary and her staff are in excellent spirits.

Do not stand still. Today's vote: https: // jfd3CXLD1s #ElectionDay #MannequinChallenge

- Hillary Clinton( @HillaryClinton) November 8, 2016


In New York, the largest US city with a population of 8.5million inhabitants - 8 am.

Polling stations opened in most states: Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South and North Carolina. The president is elected in Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia and Vermont. Voting takes place in New York, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, Virginia, Indiana and Kentucky, Florida, Delaware, Georgia and Massachusetts.


Hillary Clinton voted in the city of Chappakua in conditions of increased security measures, but under the guns of video and photo cameras.

Hillary Clinton casts her ballot in Chappaqua, New York.https: // n7TqA3VDnW # Election2016 https: // j96KpxllD4
- ABC News( @ABC) November 8, 2016


Voting goes in 34 states out of 50. The first results of US presidential elections we will start receiving at 02:00 Moscow time, when the first polling stations in America will be closed and counting of votes will begin.


There are already subtotals in some states. So, in Florida, which is the largest of the "wavering" states, the candidate from the Democrats Clinton leads with a margin of 1.4%.

At the same time, Republican headquarters reports that their candidate leads to 2%.


US Vice President Joe Biden voted in Wilmington, Delaware.


Trump appears at the polling station, which has already been visited by naked Femen activists.

Near the Tramp-Tower security measures are strengthened, the road is blocked by trucks with sand, the building is surrounded by dozens of armed policemen.

Trump's headquarters announced his leadership in voting in Pennsylvania.


It became known that Donald Trump voted in New York.

Polling stations opened in Idaho, California, Nevada and Alaska. An hour later, they will start voting in Hawaii.


Unofficial forecast Slate:

- Hillary Clinton leads the way in Florida, Ohio and Nevada. In Colorado, she is ahead of Trump with a result of 46.3% versus 43.6%.


A part of the voters' list can not be found at the polling station in Brooklyn, from the letter N to the letter Z.

Due to a technical problem, voting terminals have been disabled at 37 polling stations in Utah. The authorities do not name the reasons for what happened. Over 49 thousand voters are forced to vote with the help of urns.

And here are the latest figures for the Slate:

edition. Florida: For Clinton - 2.7 million, for Trumpy - 2.46 million
Ohio: For Clinton - 632,000, for Trumpy - 580 thousand
Nevada: For Clinton - 276thousand, for Trump - 269 thousand
Iowa : For Clinton - 273.5 thousand, for Trump - 245 thousand
Wisconsin: Clinton - 295 thousand, for Trumpy - 225 thousand
Ohio: For Clinton - 632 thousand, for Trump- 580 thousand
Pennsylvania: Clinton - 85 thousand, for Trump - 99 thousand

Counting of votes continues. ..


Clinton dressalive landslide victory in Guam( a US territory in the Pacific Ocean) - 72% against 24% for Trump.


In parallel to the presidential elections, nine states vote for the legalization of marijuana.

In New York, his supporters begin to gather near the Trump tower.

Bernie Sanders voted for Hillary Clinton.


In the meantime, it remains just over 1.5 hours before the start of summing up the official results.


The first results of the exit polls:

What the US electorate wants from the new president is change( 38%), proper experience( 22%), good judgment( 22%), concern for the people( 15%).

However, 61% of respondents are sure that the country has taken the wrong path, which is more than in 2012.And 69% of the participants in the study said they were unhappy with the work of the government.


This election is likely to set a record for turnout in the history.

Trump leads the state of Kentucky - the key candidate for the Republican candidate.


Donald Trump wins the elections in Indiana, to which 11 electors vote.

After processing 1 percent of the ballots, Trump receives 72.7 percent of the vote in Kentucky, and 24.6 percent in Clinton.


Clinton is ahead of Trump by 38% on votes of Hispanic voters. Apparently, this is the price that a billionaire businessman pays for his statements about migrants.

Shooting in California. One person was killed, three were wounded and hospitalized. The shootout involved the police. The ambulance arrived at the place. Police officers did not suffer. The polling station is closed.


Trump wins in Texas, Clinton in New York.

Tramp currently has 136 electoral votes, while Clinton has 106 votes.

Voters vote for electors, not for the president of the country. The total number of electors is 538. To win presidential candidates, it is necessary to vote at least 270 of them.

A victory in any state gives the candidate a certain number of electors. The more the state, the more.


The progress and results of the election are broadcast on the facade of the legendary high-rise Empire State Building in New York. It is expected that the facade will display a portrait of 45 US President, when he will be officially announced.


Trump wins in the states: Florida( 29 electors), North Carolina, Idaho( 4 electors), Ohio.


Hillary, thanks to a victory in California and Hawaii, is ahead of Trump by 1 elector vote. Account 188 - 187.


The last one starts counting ballots - Alaska.

Preliminary results of the US presidential election of 2016 from all the voting states have been received. Who won, we will learn a little later, but for now we continue to monitor the tense struggle. The separation of candidates is minimal and each vote can become decisive.


The data on the calculation of the votes received by the electors vary widely, we present some figures of the most authoritative agencies, and we are waiting for the official results:

CNN: Trump 238 - 209 Clinton
AP: Trump 216 - 209 Clinton
New York Times: Trump 222- 209 Clinton


The Republican increases his lead. In all probability an unexpected ending awaits us.

Many of the analytical agencies and publications have changed their forecast for the elections, among them The New York Times, Wikileaks.

They predict Trump's victory with a> 95% probability.

THANK YOU FLORIDA! !!!!! # ElectionNight # Election2016 # TrumpTrain๐Ÿš‚๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

- Dan Scavino Jr.(@DanScavino) November 9, 2016


Mrs. Clinton is very upset. ..


81% of the vote has been processed, while Donald Trump defeated in the US presidential elections. The official results will be summed up in the afternoon of Moscow.

While there is no data from the polling stations in Alaska, they just closed.

In Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Trump continues to lead. Victory in one of these states is enough, a victory in two of them crosses out all the chances of Clinton to the presidency.


The first messages from Alaska arrive. After counting 20% โ€‹โ€‹of the ballots, Trump support there is 53.4%, and Clinton - 38.3%.


Trump still succumbed to Pennsylvania. Now Hillary Clinton can save only a miracle.

Michael McFaul, an American political scientist: "It's OVER. .."( This is the end. ..)


This is VICTORY! !!
America made its choice in favor of Republican candidate Donald Trump.


Charlie Hebdo released a caricature with Barack Obama running away from the "white" police.


Hillary Clinton already called Donald Trump and congratulated the billionaire on winning the US presidential election.


The two main candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties were selected for the primaries of the national convention in March 2016.Will the Americans be loyal to the "modern dynastic rule" by writing the name of Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton on the ballot? Will the disgusting tycoon Donald Trump get involved in the finish race? This will show the exit poll and the results of the elections that took place on November 8, 2016.

Pivoting Rayting of presidential candidates

This is how the rating looks like today according to RealClearPolitics data - aggregator of polls and political news. The list includes politicians with the highest number of respondents.

4. Jill Stein

Jill Stein

Candidate for Vice-Presidents: Ajamu Baraka.
An American doctor originally from Massachusetts, a candidate from the Green Party. Participated in the presidential election in 2012, gaining 0.4% of the vote. At the party congress in August 2016, nominated for the upcoming elections. The electoral program of Jill has not yet been approved, but 2.3% of voters already support it.

3. Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson

Candidate for Vice-Presidents: William Weld.
The first official presidential candidate for the US president from the libertarian party. Former Governor of New Mexico. During the party congress, 55.8% of colleagues got support, according to the poll, 4.9% of American voters are ready to vote for him. The ideology of the party consists in a free market economy, the protection of the freedom of human and civil rights, non-interference in the affairs of other states.

2. Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Candidate for Vice-Presidents: Mike Pence. The
of the US Federal Electoral Commission required 92 pages to describe the assets of Trump, the richest presidential candidate. The 69-year-old billionaire was famous for his harsh statements about Mexican migrants, calling the US "a dump for Mexico."In an interview with NBC, he said that he approved of the fact that Vladimir Putin was "bombarding the IG in the dust."42.4% of respondents are ready to vote for it.

1. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Candidate for Vice-Presidents: Tim Kane.
Obama's companion, former secretary of state and wife of the "saxophonist president" is popular with those who still have a warm feeling for Bill Clinton. Hispanics in the vast majority supported her during the 2008 primaries.

Many women from the working class will come to polling stations to vote for their mother and grandmother, who is in favor of equal payment for men and women for work of equal value. But so far Mrs. Clinton, with her 45.6% of the vote( as of November 2016), will have to compete with another official presidential candidate, Donald Trump, whose rating is only four points lower.

0. Joseph Biden

Joseph Biden

If the vote were to take place now, the American Vice-President would most likely become the new president, as his rating is supported by 55% of the supporters of the Democratic Party. However, Biden did not stand for election to the US presidential election in 2016. Otherwise, he would become the main competitor of Mrs. Clinton.

Online Election Video - Russia 24