The most downloaded Google Play apps 2012-2016

App Annie has compiled statistics on the most popular and most downloaded Google Play apps in the last four years - from 2012 to 2016.Perhaps one of them is in your phone.


  • 10. Flashlight by Surpax
  • 9. Twitter
  • 8. Viber
  • 7. LINE
  • 6. Skype
  • 5. Clean Master
  • 4. Instagram
  • 3. Facebook Messenger
  • 2. WhatsApp Messenger
  • 1. Facebook

10Flashlight by Surpax

The list of the most popular and downloaded applications for Android OS starts a little unexpectedly - with a flashlight. Yes, Flashlight does exactly this - it turns a smartphone into a flashlight. With adjustable brightness and flicker support.

9. Twitter

The first application in the list of the most downloaded, serving an extensive social network - Twitter. Every day more than 500 million people share their thoughts in brief form with each other, and also place photos and videos.

8. Viber

This application allows you to exchange text messages and calls around the world, as well as call at reduced rates to those who have not already installed Viber. And after the conclusion of the agreement with Western Union, Viber users can also make money transfers.


The most downloaded instant messenger among the countries of Southeast Asia - free voice and video calls, messaging, conversations of any degree of duration. The company earns profits by selling stickers - an upgraded version of emoticons - and goods in Line Games. The main difference between Line from Skype, WhatsApp and others is the presence of built-in social network, which supports blogs and comments. By the way, according to App Annie LINE has become the most profitable application in GooglePlay for 2012 - 2014.And all this is emoticons, games and advertising.

6. Skype

One of the oldest and most famous call exchange and messaging services still does not give up its positions, although younger rivals start to crowd it. Nervous and network operators, which go as far as attempts to ban Skype or try to block its traffic. But, fortunately for ordinary users, progress can not be stopped.

5. Clean Master

Alas, going online with a mobile phone can cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, the installation of an antivirus( and also an optimizer, an accelerator and a privacy protector in one bottle) has become a harsh necessity. In addition, Clean Master is able to control the temperature of the processor, helps to get rid of unnecessary files and not drown in the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčapplications - and after all, both tend to accumulate to unimaginable sizes.

4. Instagram

Fans of capturing in eternity each step appreciated this application - now publish and photos of their breakfast, jogging, shopping, brushing teeth and other important events in life has become even easier. Moreover, now the photo can also be edited - to change the brightness, contrast, shadows, light, perspective and so on( perhaps even remove the extra pounds).And also find a new and interesting among the four hundred million users of the Instagram around the world.

3. Facebook Messenger

Another free messaging service, now under the Facebook label. You can send messages to people in the phone book, create group chats, share photos and videos. Need free calls? You are welcome. And there are notifications when the user received the message( and how much he no longer answers afterwards).And geolocation is present - now chat participants and friends know when you are with them in the same city.

2. WhatsApp Messenger

The WhatsApp Messenger application was the second most downloaded by GooglePlay. WhatsApp allows you to exchange messages, make calls around the world and send photos and video files. And you do not need to pay for it. It is required only to have access to the Internet on the mobile. Not happy with the growing popularity of WhatsApp and other messengers only network operators - according to rumors, their losses already reach tens of billions of dollars.

1. Facebook

The child of Zuckerberg has long enslave the world. Every day, Facebook is visited by about 700 million Internet users. And the most downloaded application on GooglePlay - Facebook allows you to do it also from your mobile, including additional convenience like notifications, downloads of photos and videos from your phone, access to games and applications, and much more. The number of downloads has exceeded five billion!