Rating of electric razors for men 2015

The choice of electric shaver depends on many factors: shaving cleanliness, ease of use, performance, durability, and, finally, prices.

We present to you a rating of electric razors for men of 2015 year .It is compiled on the basis of the statistics of the Mixprice and takes into account the estimates and reviews given to this or that razor by Russian buyers.

Table of Contents:

  • 10. Braun CT4s CoolTec
  • 9. Philips S9521
  • 8. Philips S9111 / 41
  • 7. Philips YS521
  • 6. Panasonic ES-LV95
  • 5. Philips S9031 / 12
  • 4. Panasonic ES-RT37
  • 3.Braun CT2s CoolTec
  • 1. Braun WF2s
  • 1. Philips S9511 / 41

10. Braun CT4s CoolTec

Opens the top 10 best electric razors for the male model with a grid shaving system. The cooling system( a function that makes the name of the razor available with the CoolTec attachment) repeatedly cools the skin during shaving. Thanks to this feature, Braun CT4s CoolTec is an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin. You can use both dry and wet shaving. The price is from 6 090 rubles and more.

9. Philips S9521

Model with rotary shaving system and 3 floating heads. Supports both a dry and wet shave, which means that you can shave in a shower with a razor. Philips S9521 has a convenient replaceable trimmer, shaves cleanly and without irritation, which earned positive reviews from people with sensitive skin. The disadvantage is one - a high price( from 20 830 rubles and above).

8. Philips S9111 / 41

Electric shaver with rotor system and wet shaving function. During operation, the shaver repeats the contours of the face and shaves very cleanly. Charging Philips S9111 / 41 can be carried out both directly from the adapter, and from the "stand" - the SmartClean system. The average cost of the device is 13 650 rubles.

7. Philips YS521

Inexpensive( from 3 050 rubles and above) razor, with two heads and a rotary shaving system. It is powered by a battery. It is equipped with a waterproof case and has modes of dry and wet shaving. The drawback of the model is that there is no indication of the level of the discharge of the battery.

6. Panasonic ES-LV95

This razor is ideal for men who have thick and stiff bristles. A special sensor determines the density of the bristles and controls the speed of the motor. Panasonic ES-LV95 is equipped with 5 heads, a trimmer and a movable shaving unit for precise repetition of shaving contours. There is also an automatic self-cleaning system. The price of a razor is from 18,490 rubles.

5. Philips S9031 / 12

Stylish model with rotary system and 3 floating heads. Like more expensive razors from Philips, "can" repeat contours of the face for a comfortable and clean shave without irritation. There is a built-in trimmer and a wet shaving function. Buy Philips S9031 / 12 can be for 10 344 rubles or a little more expensive.

4. Panasonic ES-RT37

In the rating of the best electric shavers of 2015, a budget model has entered, the average cost of which is 3 108 rubles. Comfortable ergonomics, a grid shaving system, 3 floating heads, built-in trimmer and the ability to wash a razor under a stream of water are all that is required for everyday use.

3. Braun CT2s CoolTec

The "cooling" electric shaver for men with sensitive skin differs from their "colleague" Braun CT4s CoolTec by the presence of a device for cleaning and charging. Such a grid razor is more convenient than a rotary razor, treating "hard-to-reach" places on the face( above the upper lip, near the ears and temples).Price Braun CT2s CoolTec starts at 4 750 rubles.

2. Braun WF2s

Another representative of the razor wire from Braun. The merits include: German build quality, quick charging and long( up to a week) battery charge, shaving cleanliness, comfortable trimmer and the ability to shave with foam. There are also disadvantages: the delivery set does not have a carrying case for the shaver and there is a noise when the shaver works. The average price of the Braun WF2s is 6 401 rubles.

1. Philips S9511 / 41

The best electric shaver for men, with a rotary shaving system and 3 floating heads, "responsible" for a smooth and clean shave with minimal time. The shaver can be cleaned under a stream of water and shave in the shower. The built-in trimmer successfully manages even with stiff and long hair. Blades remain sharp up to 2 years. A capacious battery and fast charging allow you to take the Philips S9511 / 41 in long trips. Its price is 20 360 rubles and more.