Rating of the best tablets for 2015

Tablets quickly pushed in the market and personal computers, and even laptops. From the widest range, you can easily choose the right size, set of options and price.

After analyzing the results of voting of Internet users on the portal Hi-tech.mail.ru, we selected ten models included in the rating of the best tablets of 2015.


  • 10. ASUS Transformer Book T200TA
  • 9. Explay i1
  • 8. Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 for Windows
  • 7. Acer Iconia Tab 8
  • 6. HTC Nexus 9
  • 5. Samsung GALAXY Tab S 8.4
  • 4. Apple iPadmini 3
  • 3. Microsoft Surface Pro 3
  • 2. Apple iPad Air 2
  • 1. Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

10. ASUS Transformer Book T200TA

Opens the top tablets of 2015 "hybrid" model on Windows 8. Features Transformer Book T200TA:4-core processor 1600MHz, 4GB of RAM, 532GB of internal memory, 5MP camera, 11.6-inch screen, weight 780g.

The average price is 41 000 rubles.

9. Explay i1

The model entered the rating of budget tablets in 2015 on the first line. Features Explay i1: screen 7.85 inches, 16GB user memory and 1GB of RAM, 5MP camera, weight 320g. The body of the tablet is made of aluminum alloy with a thickness of about 7mm. The battery lasts for 7.5 hours of reading.

The average price is 7,800 rubles.

8. Transformer allows the user to work in four modes: console, keyboard, book and picture. Specifications YOGA Tablet 2: 10-inch screen, 4-core Atom processor 1 860MHz, 2GB of RAM, 8MP camera, 32GB of internal memory, weight 629g.

The average price is 32 000 rubles.

7. Acer Iconia Tab 8

The most powerful tablet in the price category up to 15 thousand rubles has the characteristics: screen 7.9 inches, 16GB of internal memory, 4-core processor 1.86GHz, 2GB of RAM, weight 360g. The tablet works up to 8 hours without recharging, and for quick typing is designed removable proprietary full-size keyboard Acer Crunch Keyboard.

The average price is 12,000 rubles.

6. HTC Nexus 9

Depending on the configuration, the new Nexus supports Wi-Fi or LTE.Model specifications: screen 8.9 inches, 2-core processor 2.3GHz, 16/32 GB of user memory, 8MP camera, 2GB of RAM, weight 425g.

The price is from 24 000 rubles.

5. Samsung GALAXY Tab S 8.4

The model entered the top three in the nomination "Best Compact Tablet".The model features: a screen of 8.4 inches, 3GB of RAM, a 4-core processor 1.9GHz, 16GB of user memory, 8MP camera, weight 294g.

The average price is 25 000 rubles.

4. Apple iPad mini 3

The main differences of the new generation iPad from the previous model are fingerprint sensor and NFC chip. Features iPad mini 3: screen 7.85 inches, 2-core processor 1.3 or 1 GHz, 512MB or 1GB of RAM, 16 /32/64/ 128GB of internal memory, 5MP camera.

The average price is 24 000 rubles.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

This 12-inch tablet "lit up" at once in two categories - the tablet of the year and the best tablet on Windows 8. The model specifications: Core i3, i5, i7, 4 / 8GB of RAM, 64 /128/256/ 512GB SSD-drive, 5MP camera, weight 810g. In comparison, in Surface Pro 2, the tablet became as much as 30% thinner.

The price is from 42 000 rubles.

2. Apple iPad Air 2

The iPad Air of the latest generation entered the top three of the dozens that formed the rating tablets of 2015, and also became one of the best tablets of 2016 for price and quality in the rating of this year. The main differences from the previous Air - it's reduced to 6.1 mm the thickness of the case, a new processor A8X, 2GB of RAM, dactyloscopic sensor, full lamination of the display.

The price is from 34 000 rubles.

1. Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

The best tablet of 2015 according to the version of Internet users. Features of the compact Xperia Z3: a powerful 4-core processor 2.5GHz, 8-inch screen, 3GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, 8MP camera, the weight of 270g. The newest protection technology allows you to dive with a tablet under water for 30 minutes.

The average price is 29,000 rubles.