Ranking of countries in terms of information technology

As soon as we do not compare the different countries of the world: the level of life, welfare, environmental safety. .. Our current rating includes the top ten states, united according to one of the most modern indicators - the level of development of information and communication technologies.

Experts from the International Telecommunication Union at the United Nations examined 155 states on 11 indicators, including the number of households with a computer with Internet access, the level of computer literacy and the number of broadband subscribers to the global network. In the rating received by the countries in terms of information technology , Russia entered the 38th place out of 155 possible.

So, the top ten ranking of the most "advanced" IT-powers of the planet.


  • 10. Switzerland.
  • 9. United Kingdom.
  • 8. Japan.
  • 7. Luxembourg.
  • 6. The Netherlands.
  • 5. Finland.
  • 4. Iceland.
  • 3. Denmark.
  • 2. Sweden.
  • 1. South Korea.

10. Switzerland.

About 80% of the country's population has access to the Internet. On the territory of Switzerland there are more than 120 Internet providers providing access to the network through the most modern channels.

9. United Kingdom.

The British began to use computers more actively, improving their positions in the ranking in comparison with last year, when the country took only 14th place. To date, 84% of the inhabitants of the Foggy Albion have and are using Internet access.

8. Japan.

The country of the rising sun is famous for the level of development of information technology. The government of the country sets itself the task in the next few years to implement the program "Internet - in every house", although today there are a little more than 15% of the unreached Japanese families.

7. Luxembourg.

Internet is used by 91% of the inhabitants of this small European state. It is noteworthy that almost 40% of the country's population are registered Facebook users.

6. The Netherlands.

The country is famous for the highest level of broadband Internet access in Europe. Access to information technology is more than 90% of the Dutch.

5. Finland.

The level of information technology development in the Scandinavian countries is traditionally high - they are in the top five of the rating since 2007.The obligation of Finns to have access to the Internet with a speed of at least 1 Mbit / s is fixed by law.

4. Iceland.

The Internet is a real salvation for an island nation that lies away from the rest of Europe. Here, a record 97% of residents have access to a global network.

3. Denmark.

Over 90% of Internet users in Denmark use broadband access. According to InternetWorldstats, more than half of the Danes are Facebook users.

2. Sweden.

The government of the country in every possible way promotes penetration of information technologies in all spheres of life of citizens. Swedes were among the first to use such electronic service as Electronic Government.

1. South Korea.

The country holds the leadership in the rating on the level of information technology development for the second year in a row. South Koreans account for about 5% of all Asian Internet users. Over the past 10 years, the number of families connected to the Internet has grown from 39 to 83%.