Rating of the 10 best smart watches of 2017

Externally smart watches in most cases look like the most usual clock, but their functionality far exceeds the "simple" analogs. In addition to receiving calls and sending SMS, many watches can act as media players, cameras, a compass, a calculator, an alarm clock, a GPS navigator and much more. Do not get lost in the watchmaking smart world will help rating smart watches , compiled taking into account the popularity, rating and reviews on the site "Yandex. Market."


  • 10. Pebble SmartWatch Steel
  • 9. Pebble Time
  • 8. Apple Watch Series 1
  • 6. Apple Watch Series 2
  • 5. Xiaomi Mi Band 2
  • 4. Garmin Fenix ​​3 HRM
  • 3. Garmin Forerunner 920XT HRM-Run
  • 2. Casio ECB-500D-1A
  • 1. CASIO EQB-500D-1A

10. Pebble SmartWatch Steel

Average price: 12 450 rubles.

Opens the top ten smart watch of 2017 Pebble SmartWatch Steel, the money for the development of which was collected by the whole world at Kickstarter. As a result, we got smart clocks of a classic look, small size and with all the functionality required by the average user. The main plus of the clock is a long-lasting battery, which lasts for 5-6 days.

The main disadvantage is that there is no official supplier to Russia.

9. Pebble Time

Average price: 9 600 rubles.

Younger plastic brother of steel number ten ranking smart hours. Pros: very capacious battery;not touch( for a small screen this is definitely a plus);Do not be afraid of water - they can safely dive into the pool or go to the bath.

Cons: no Russian language in the menu;a small selection of applications.

8. Huawei Watch Geniune Leather Strap

Average price: 21 600 rubles.

Very high quality gadget( sapphire crystal, jewelry steel, even a case made of wood).Some of the best smart watches from China look like a normal clock with arrows, and at the same time they perceive voice commands, all calls and incoming messages are visible on the screen, you can easily and without problems use Ok Google service.

Less: specific charger design and price.

7. Apple Watch Series 1

Average price: 20 000 rubles.

Beautiful screen, speaker, microphone - full replacement of the phone, if it is out of reach. Applications are loaded quickly and work stably, and the stylish design just looks nice.

Minus: very little battery charge, lasts literally 1-2 days.

6. Apple Watch Series 2

Average price: 27 450 rubles.

The younger brother of the fifth place ranking. The second series of "smart watches" from Apple is distinguished primarily by a more powerful S2 processor, reliable protection against moisture, the presence of a GPS module and a brighter display. Is it worth it to increase the price by a third - it's up to you.

5. Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Average price: 2 000 rubles.

The cheapest smart rating clock. Despite the price, they have quite a decent functionality - from the alarm clock to the phases of sleep and ending with the duplication of alerts from the phone. At the same time, the watch keeps the days 20-25, looks good, and the silicone strap does not irritate the skin.

Cons: a small display and a small number of applications.

4. Garmin Fenix ​​3 HRM

Average price: 37 900 rubles.

These are real sports watches for real men or adventurous women. There is everything - a GPS sensor, water resistance, impressive battery capacity( it lasts for three full-time work), not to mention such mandatory trivia as a pedometer, pace tracking, pulse meter, calorie counter. Synchronization with the phone gadget holds in two accounts, there is WiFi, Bluetooth, ANT +.

Disadvantage: the watch is very massive.

3. Garmin Forerunner 920XT HRM-Run

Average price: 43 000 rubles.

The third place in the top of the smart clock goes to a truly indispensable device for athletes. The clock helps to track all the parameters required for training and even such exotic ones as, for example, vertical fluctuations of the body. For ordinary fans, the number of functions may seem superfluous. And a sports-like appearance can not be combined with a business suit.

2. Casio ECB-500D-1A

Average price: 24 500 rubles.

The second place in the rating of smart watches is occupied by the model from CASIO with a case and strap made of stainless steel. The clock is synchronized with the smartphone, so if you change the time zones, you do not need to twist them manually. The main advantage: charging from a solar battery means they will work indefinitely. Minus: alas, if you are not the owner of the smartphone from the iPhone or Samsung, then the clock will not be synchronized with it, so no notices of calls, e-mails and so on.

1. CASIO EQB-500D-1A

Average price: 24 500 rubles.

And the title of the best smart watch of 2017 goes to CASIO EQB-500D-1A.A solid-looking watch in a metal case with a metal strap, extremely convenient to use. Eyes do not have to be strained - the information is perfectly read from the screen. Synchronization with the phone goes instantly - just install a free application from CASIO to your smartphone and turn on the Bluetooth function.

From the second number in the list, the EQB-500D-1A is characterized by a longer operation in the mode of energy conservation( 33 months against 26 months) and lack of a screen; in the ECB-500D-1A it is monochrome.