Rating of the best mirrorless cameras at the beginning of 2015

Mirror cameras are definitely the best tool for professional photography. However, "mirrorless" models are capable of much thanks to sensors, focusing, the ability to use replaceable optics.

Today we present the rating which included the best mirrorless cameras as of the beginning of 2015 - six cameras for which Internet users voted on the project "Best gadget of the year".

  • 6. Sony a6000
  • 5. Samsung NX1
  • 4. Panasonic Lumix GH4
  • 3. Nikon 1 V3
  • 2. Fujifilm X-T1
  • 1. Sony A6000

6. Sony a6000

Opens the ratingmirrorless cameras in 2015, a novelty that received the matrix Exmor CMOS 24MP and an updated control system. Features of the camera: Sony Type E bayonet, as well as type A compatibility via an adapter, JPEG and RAW formats, ISO sensitivity 100-25600, hybrid focus: 176-point auto focus and 25-point contrast focus, auto-focus, single focus autofocus, continuous autofocus, manual focus.

5. Samsung NX1

The camera is a worthy alternative to mirror models and is quite suitable for a professional. The

NX1 has a BSI CMOS 28MP matrix, a Samsung NX bayonet, JPEG, RAW, ISO 100-25600 formats( up to 51200), an external flash connector, a Wi-Fi + NFC module, a 205-point hybrid focus system covering 90 percentframe.

The average price of the Samsung NX1 Body is 110,000 rubles.

4. Panasonic Lumix GH4

This camera is the first in the world to support video recording in 4K format. Such a camera is an excellent solution for reporter shooting, becauseprovides decent and photo, and video.

Specifications Lumix GH4: matrix Micro Four Thirds CMOS 16MP, bayonet Micro Four Thirds, formats JPEG, RAW, ISO 200-25600, Wi-Fi + MFC.

3. Nikon 1 V3

The model is the most advanced of all mirrorless from Nikon, featuring a metal case, swivel screen and advanced control system.

Features Nikon 1 V3: CMOP 18MP matrix, 1 Nikon bayonet, NIKKOR 1 lenses, JPEG, NEF( RAW), ISO 200-12800, step 1 EV, Wi-Fi.

2. Fujifilm X-T1

Got a new viewfinder from the manufacturer, an increased shooting speed of up to 8 frames / second and a rotary screen.

Specifications X-T1: CMOS matrix 16MP, X-mount bayonet, JPEG, RAW, RAW + JPEG, ISO sensitivity 200-6400, as well as advanced sensitivity to 100, 12800 and 25600 ISO, Wi-Fi.

1. Olympus OM-D E-M10

The best mirrorless camera combines many of the features of the more expensive Olympus cameras.

Features OM-D E-M10: CMOS matrix 16MP, ultrasonic wave filter from dust, Micro Four Thirds bayonet, JPEG, RAW, MPO, ISO 200-25600, Wi-Fi.