The rating of digital cameras in early 2015

A good digital camera allows you to take pictures of excellent quality even for beginners. For those who prefer photography without difficulties, our rating is based on the , which includes the best digital cameras at the beginning of 2015.

The proposed Top-6 is compiled based on the results of voting by Internet users on the "Best Gadget of the Year" project. It included cameras of different cost, received the voices of thousands of fans of digital photos.


6. Sony RX100 III

  • 5. Panasonic Lumix LX100
  • 4. Panasonic Lumix FZ1000
  • 3. Olympus Stylus 1
  • 2. Fujifilm X30
  • 1. Canon G7X
  • 6. Sony RX100 III

    In 2014 the model received a retractable viewfinderand a new optics with a 3-fold optical approximation, as well as a luminosity f = 1.8-2.8.RX100 III has an Exmor CMOS 20.2MP matrix, a ZEISS lens with a focal length of 8.8-25.7mm, allows shooting in JPEG and RAW format, has Wi-Fi and NFC modules.

    The average price is 29,000 rubles.

    5. Panasonic Lumix LX100

    The model divides the rank of the flagship with FZ1000, also included in our rating. Specifications Lumix LX100: matrix CMOS 12.8MP, 3.1-fold optical, as well as 4x digital zoom, LEICA lens, f = 10.9 - 34mm, optical stabilizer, shooting speed up to 11 frames per second with mechanical shutter, andup to 40 frames per second with an electronic shutter.

    The average price is 56,000 rubles.

    4. Panasonic Lumix FZ1000

    This "superzum" has a large case resembling a SLR camera, and a 16x zoom. Specifications FZ1000 - matrix CMOS 20.1MP, LEICA lens, f = 9.1 - 146mm, optical stabilizer, shooting speed up to 12 frames / second with mechanical shutter, up to 50 frames / second with electronic.

    The average price is 59 000 rubles.

    3. Olympus Stylus 1

    The camera features a metal case, functional control, RAW-format, 10.7-fold zoom and wi-fi. Stylus 1 has a CMOP-matrix 12MP, shooting speed - 7 frames / second, Full HD video in 30p mode. For the quality of serial shooting, this model surpasses even many analogs with interchangeable optics.

    The average price is 28 000 rubles.

    2. Fujifilm X30

    In 2014 the camera received a new rotary display, a wireless module, a modified control circuit and an electronic viewfinder. Specifications X30: CMOS-matrix 12MP, Fujinon lens, JPEG and RAW images, shooting speed - 12 frames / second.

    The average price is 29 900 rubles.

    1. Canon G7X

    The best digital cameras included in the rating 2015 of the year could not compare to the absolute leader - Canon G7X.Features of the camera - is the presence of Wi-Fi and NFC, built-in neutral density filter, which allows you to shoot at long exposures and with an open diaphragm, touch screen, 20MP matrix, optical stabilization, zoom 4.2x.

    The average price is 38 000 rubles.