Apple business: a selection of the most popular office applications for the iPhone

This review presents the most popular iPhone users of the category "Business and Documents".

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      • Pages
        • Pages is probably one of the most popular applications in this category, which earned its popularity thanks to a wide range of features, which contained the functions of long-known programs of PC: Word, Excel, PowerPaint. Pages allows the user to create and edit texts, while taking a small amount of memory. Among its functionality is not only a large list of tools for editing text and graphic elements, but also the ability to view simultaneously two pages of a single text file, the quick synchronization of Pages with Keynote slides and Nambers tables, the Mail Merge service allows you to send one document simultaneously to multiple addresses, optional options that provide integration with other popular applications for the iPhone. Pages applications are compatible with: Phone 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4s, iPod touch( 3rd and 4th generation).


          This application is augmented and improved version of the previously familiar Excel, so the typical options for Nambers are working with numeric tables, performing calculations using the specified algorithms. The developers include the integration of Nambers with Keynote and Pages. The main advantage of Nambers over Excel is the exclusive compatibility with "apple" smartphones. The technical requirements of the smartphone for installing the application are the same as for Pages.

          1 Password

          1 Password is one of the most popular among users of virtual "safes", intended for reliable storage and concealment of notes, passwords, requisites from other people's eyes, etc. The Password structure consists of five functional parts: Logins( responsible for storageinformation about logins and passwords), Accounts( storing accounts from databases, Wi-Fi routers, Internet providers, Amazon, mail, etc.), Wallet( protection of bank details), Notes( storage of secret text documents), Software( storage of license keys from the software).Currently there are two versions of the application 1 Password: 1 Password for iPhone( intended for iPhone only) and 1 Password Pro( suitable for iPhone and iPad).Among other applications with similar functions, 1 Password occupies a leading position due to its versatility and ease of use.

          TextGrabber + Translator

          A powerful application developed by ABBYY, which allows you to recognize a text file from a photo, and, if necessary, make a translation. Having taken a picture, the program instantly recognizes the text with high accuracy, allows you to immediately export it. The ease of handling and high level of functionality puts TextGrabber + Translator on the leading position among the counterparts.

          KyBook 2

          KyBook - the most popular application among iPhone users, designed to read e-books of various formats. Files are downloaded by cloud storage, such as Yandex Drive, Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox.

          Print Agent PRO

          One of the most used applications for the iPhone is Print Agent PRO, which is an indispensable "assistant" in preparing text files for printing. This "pocket printer" is able to recognize and process any kind of text and graphic files. This application conveniently interacts with Pages, Nambers, Keynote, editing, moving and posting the necessary documents. Print Agent PRO supports the image phone from Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

          Room Scan Pro

          This application provides the user with a unique opportunity to create a two-dimensional room plan without any special effort. Room Scan Pro is able to quickly make an accurate calculation of the length of the walls and the area of ​​the room. To create a room plan, you must select a reference point by fixing the smartphone briefly on the initial wall, then sequentially perform the same actions along the entire perimeter of the room. After this, the program quickly creates a plan and calculates the area. The resulting file can be edited, imported or deleted. Instructions for use require the user to study in detail before working with the application, since Room Scan Pro has quite specific functions.