Top 10 visa-free countries for recreation in 2016

Many people dream of going abroad, but not every tourist can afford to put in his passport a treasured visa. Someone does not have time, and some just do not want to spend it, trying to get to the plane for a ticket as soon as possible. It is worth noting that there are many countries that accept Russians with open arms. Do not despair! Enjoy the rest in the park or in the garden area is not necessary. So safely pack your bags and choose the country you like from the list.

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  • 1. Turkey
  • 2. Egypt
  • 3. Thailand
  • 4. Ukraine
  • 5. Israel
  • 6. Tunis
  • 7. Montenegro
  • 8. Vietnam
  • 9. Dominican Republic
  • 10. Cuba

1. Turkey

So, opens the rating of Turkey. Here, according to the rating of 2016, the tourists are waiting for the best hotels in the world. Over the past year here have spent more than two million tourists. Of course, the summer months are favorite. Because only in summer people can stay here for two whole months! In the winter season, the time for visa-free recreation is halved. Border guards can look into your passport only to make sure that the document is not overdue. If you need to change it in the next 3 months, and you do not have a return ticket on hand, things are bad.

2. Egypt

The second place went to Egypt. Here, according to experts, almost two million people from all over the world have rested.

3. Thailand

Closes the top three in Thailand. You will be asked to fill out the migration card correctly;The presence of a passport, whose term has not expired, is also one of the conditions for a problem-free stay in the country. Here in the past year, decided to go about 900 thousand people.

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4. Ukraine

The fourth in the rating( at least until last year) is Ukraine. For her visit you will be required to have a passport, you can also provide a "warden".On Ukrainian beaches in the previous year more than 300 thousand people lay down.

5. Israel

On the fifth line is Israel. This direction was preferred by about a hundred thousand Russian citizens. It is known that the Israelis decided to cancel the visa regime 7 years ago. However, the local border guards very scrupulous about the documents. The passport must be valid, you need to have at least 6 months left. If the document is less than valid, you can be sent back. But it's not so bad. More serious conditions are put forward by the military. They need to prove the purpose of their tourist visit.

6. Tunisia

Tunisia was given the 6th place. Every year, thousands of Russians visit this country. Every tourist has the opportunity to relax here for 14 days, having on hand a tourist permit.

7. Montenegro

Montenegro is also ready to accept visa-free tourists for a whole month. About two hundred thousand inhabitants of Russia chose this direction last year. And the compilers of this list gave this country the 7th place.

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8. Vietnam

Vietnam placed on the 8th line. Rest here you can enjoy 15 days. But the main condition is the presence of a passport, which is valid for more than 3 months. May require you to show the availability of tickets to your homeland. In any case, about 150 thousand Russians were not afraid of these conditions.

9. Dominican Republic

For the departure to the Dominican Republic( 9th place), the tourist needs to take with him a valid foreign passport, keep the ticket with him, and at the place of arrival all those who arrive will be asked to check in on the tourist card. This concludes the conditions. Enjoy the rest of the month! In addition, you can be proud if you can visit here. Experts of one of the sites devoted to travel, called holiday in the Dominican Republic elite. A popular resort is Punta Cana. However, the prices here are appropriate. However, more than 140 thousand Russians flew to rest in this tourist complex.

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10. Cuba

Closes the rating of visa-free countries Cuba. Approximately 60,000 Russian citizens went on long-awaited vacation here. The requirements for finding here are the same as in the Dominican Republic.

Let's sum up. To have a good rest away from Russia, you do not need to immediately run and issue a visa. There are countries where you can go without it. But only the availability of a passport is still required. And make sure that its duration is as long as possible. And then everything will be fine. Have a nice rest!