Top 6 loud failures of Apple in 2014

In this article, consider the major failures and problems of Apple in 2014 by .The companies from Cupertino failed to avoid annoying failures last year, both small and large, as folk wisdom says: "One who does nothing is not mistaken."We will get acquainted here with the six loudest failures of the "apple" company last year.


  • 6. iPad mini 3
  • 5. Problems with the Apple Pay
  • payment system 4.
  • secrecy problems 3. History with the GT Advanced
  • 2. The case of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • 1. Problems with iOS 8

6.iPad mini 3

In fact, the device in 2014 is very good, but if you do not compare it with other devices of this manufacturer. Since from the second generation of "minikas" the third generation has no fundamental differences, except that the presence of the Touch ID, but with all this costs $ 100 more. At the same price, you can buy the first iPad Air. There is also a 5.5-inch IPhone 6 Plus, which can become a worthy alternative to the iPad mini 3. Therefore, the prospects for a small tablet look very vague.

5. Problems with the payment system Apple Pay

The payment system for Apple's mobile phones, which is really very convenient and simple, has met on its way a strong opposition to certain retail chains such as Best Buy and Walmart. Although Apple does not have a clear guilt in this conflict, it still needs to build relationships with its potential partners in a different way, otherwise the implementation of this promising system will significantly slow down.

4. Security problems

The past year was marked by the largest number of different leaks about the next generation: the iPhone 6, all of them with time proved to be true. The production renderings of the new smartphone fell on many resources four months before the official announcement, and this can already be considered a serious "catastrophe".Such a scale of data leakage occurred for the first time. The company even negotiated with security firms from China to raise the level of secrecy, but these steps were belated, as the information was already walking on the Internet.

3. History with GT Advanced

Sapphire crystal conversations that were to be equipped with all Apple devices, and on the whole display, not just on the Touch ID sensor. In the end, this glass will be supplied only with Watch, which is not even on sale. But the failure is associated with GT Advanced - Apple's main partner in the production of sapphire, because the company was unable to fulfill the task set by the Cupertino team. The case ended with the bankruptcy of GT Advanced, a return of the invested money, and Apple had to look for a new partner.

2. Housing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

It turned out that the design of the new iPhone 6 is extremely prone to bending. The reaction of the public to this unpleasant phenomenon was very stormy, although Apple was assured that the problem is not as significant as it is actually presented. The company even spread the information that allegedly cases of bending of the hull happened by chance. We also managed to learn here that the case for the iPhone 6 will help reduce the likelihood of such a problem, and will also reduce the appearance of many new scratches on the screens.

1. Problems with iOS 8

In 2013, when iOS 7 came out, many did not like the new interface design, but the main drawback of iOS 8 is the functioning of the system as a whole."Eight" was for the entire existence of iOS the most retarding, buggy and inconvenient. There were also problems with installing applications. To update "by air" required 5-7 GB of free space, and when reset settings in the number of deleted settings found documents iCloud.