Rating of the most aggressive and intrusive banks in Russia

"Well, take out a loan, on the most favorable terms and only for you" - banks' ads are begging customers. But it is worth a little delay with the repayment of the loan, as from the "best friend" the bank immediately turns into a tactless and formidable lender.

Common efforts of the Center for Mobile Security and NumNumber!and the public structure "Russia without debts", a list of banks was compiled, which in 2015 simply overwhelmed their customers with SMS messages and calls.


  • The most aggressive banks in Russia
    • 3. "Russian Standard"
    • 2. "Tinkoff"
    • 1. "SKB-bank"
  • The most intrusive banks of Russia
    • 5. "AiManiBank"
    • 4. "Home Credit"
    • 3."Russian Standard"
    • 2. "Tinkoff"
    • 1. Alfa Bank

The most aggressive banks of Russia

This is how looks like the top 3 most aggressive banks of , whose employees did not have good behavior.

3. "Russian Standard"

The name of this bank( one of the leaders in the credit card market) is connected with several stories about the crude attitude towards customers. So, in 2013, a resident of Chelyabinsk Irina S., owed 150 thousand rubles, and her relatives, sent letters with a proposal to sell the liver and kidneys, and even indicated the cost of each body. And then they offered to sell the baby, for it they say, they will give in dollars. However, the prosecutor's office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Chelyabinsk did not initiate criminal proceedings, for him there were no grounds.

2. "Tinkoff"

The feature of this bank is remote provision of services. Therefore, it does not have a sales network. Basically, Tinkoff offers credit cards and accepts deposits from individuals.

1. SKB-Bank

A credit organization of federal scale. It is on the second place in terms of assets in the Sverdlovsk region. The consumer loan of this bank is among the five most affordable loans, according to Compared.ru.

The most intrusive banks of Russia

And here rating of the most intrusive Russian banks .Their employees believe that the best way to return money for a loan is to bring a flurry of voice and text messages to the debtor.

5. "AiManiBank"

Until 2013 it was called "AltaiEnergoBank".On the Banki.ru website, in the comments section there are reports that sms clients are coming to the bank with a request to pay debts for other people( and absolutely unknown).

4. Home Credit

Offers both cash loans and credit and debit cards. Also accepts deposits from the public. There are negative comments from people who received calls and sms from "Home Credit" with an offer to take a loan. And debtors( or their relatives) can not be saved from calls.

3. "Russian Standard"

It's a dubious achievement to get into the rating of the most aggressive and most annoying banks at the same time.

2. "Tinkoff"

Positive feedback from customers about the bank is associated with a quick decision on the issuance of a loan, a large credit limit and loyalty to people with small incomes. Enough and negative feedback, in particular, on the calculation of interest for credit and forfeit.

1. Alfa-Bank

Has been operating since 1991 and is one of the leaders of the Russian financial market. Representatives of Alfa Bank said that calls to customers are connected either with new services of the bank, or with a reminder of the debt. According to bankers, a forgetful debtor helps to return to the payment schedule.

But the leader in tactful attitude towards clients was "Sberbank" - the most reliable bank in 2016.