Top 10 best children's bikes 2016-2017 by reviews

Children's bicycle should look fun and cute, a bit like a toy. In other words, it should be interesting for your child. Additional items, such as a basket or bell, are a good addition that many children will like.

Bear in mind the size of the bike. Feel free to measure the bike in the store before deciding to buy it. If you are ready to make a decision without a preliminary measurement, you risk acquiring a thing that will be useless for some time( if the bike is too big).

Autumn, it's time to get maximum discounts on bicycles. We represent the top 10 best children's bicycles, compiled on the basis of the rating of models and reviews on "Yandex. Market."


  • 10. STELS Pilot 190 18
  • 9. FORWARD Arsenal 132
  • 9. FORWARD Arsenal 132
  • 6. FORWARD Edge 685
  • STELS Mustang
  • 2. Schwinn Aerostar
  • 1. Smart Bikes Kid 20

10. STELS Pilot 190 18

  • The average price is 10 500 rubles.
  • For the age of 4-6 years.

Bicycle of the best brand in Russia with a comfortable spring-loaded saddle, bell and protective cover on the handlebars. The latter will allow a small "rider" not to hit the metal part of the steering wheel in case of sudden braking or collision.

Among the shortcomings, users note the lack of adjustment of the steering wheel, short wings and slippery tires.

9. JAGUAR MS-202 Alu

  • The average price is 12 000 rub.
  • For the age of 6-9 years.

This cute and lightweight bicycle with a low frame( 44 off the floor) has an adjustable steering wheel, and the front wheel and seat are easily removed. There is a manual front brake and a rear foot brake.

Less: short wings.

8. Novatrack X38444

  • Average price - 7 766 rub.
  • For the age of 9-15 years.

This is a mountain bike with a two-pendant type of cushioning and a spring-elastomeric fork design. Has 5 speeds. Novatrack X38444 will help your child to prepare for the transition to an adult model.

Cons: heavy.

7. FORWARD Dakota 1.0

  • The average price is 9 900 rubles.
  • For the age of 9-15 years.

Another mountain bike in the ranking of the best bicycles for children and teenagers. This stylish 18-speed model has a very comfortable seat, adjustable without keys. The course of the bike is light, the acceleration is good, what else is required for a pleasant and long cycling trip?

Cons: crackling when switching speeds.

6. FORWARD Edge 685

  • Average price - 11 265 rub.
  • For the age of 9-15 years.

Sport bike with 18 speeds, adjustable rudder lift and two-pendant type of cushioning with a spring-elastomeric fork design. Excellent value for money and quality.

Disadvantages: not suitable for teenagers of high stature due to small wheels.

5. STELS Pilot 170 18

  • The average price is 5,800 rubles.
  • For the age of 4-6 years.

This cute little bicycle with a rear brake has the option of securing the side wheels. They are included. Additional advantages: presence of a bell and a protective overlay on a rudder.

4. FORWARD Arsenal 132

  • Average price - 6 500 rub.
  • For the age of 6-9 years.

Strong middling in the row of the best children's bicycles. The foldable frame design allows FORWARD Arsenal 132 to be transported in the trunk of the car, and three speed modes will appeal to children who do not want to go slowly, like a toddler, but also are not ready to drive quickly along the streets. A spring-loaded saddle provides comfort when traveling.

3. STELS Mustang

  • Average price - 12 209 rub.
  • For the age of 9-15 years.

Advantages of the model: 18 speeds, footboard and wings in the base, beautiful design, excellent cross-country ability and robust construction.

Disadvantages: very heavy.

2. Schwinn Aerostar

  • The average price is 15 490 rub.
  • For the age of 6-9 years.

Features of this beautiful and bright model include the presence of a rear foot brake and a number plate on the steering wheel. The frame is made of steel, which is highly durable and "tolerates" the most unceremonious treatment.

Disadvantages: only one speed, this is a plus for a novice six-year-old bicyclist, but a minus for an older child. High price.

1. Smart Bikes Kid 20

  • The average price is 20 240 rubles.
  • For the age of 6-9 years.

The best children's bike in our top 10.It has 7 speeds, maneuverable and easy to drive, suitable for driving around the city and off-road. Plus enough lightweight, which is important for transportation. Has front shock absorber.

The only drawback of Smart Bikes Kid 20 is its price.