Top 10 places where to go for May holidays 2016

In May 2016, the schedule of holidays is as follows: April 30 and from May 1 to May 3, the Russians rest, then work from May 4 to 6 and then rest again from May 7 to 9.About that, where to go on the May holidays of 2016 , it is better to take care beforehand. Of course, you can spend the holidays at the dacha, where, buried in beds with seedlings, selflessly dig and loosen, and in the evening fry shish kebab and arrange improvised karaoke under the radio. But there are other possibilities.

We have found 20 holiday ideas for the May holidays of 2017.


  • Where to go for the May holidays in 2016 in Russia
    • 5. One-day excursions
    • 4. Excursion trips
    • 3. Cruises
    • 2. Active rest
    • 1. Rest in a sanatorium or boarding house
  • Where to go on May holidays at sea
    • 5Turkey
    • 4. Egypt and Morocco
    • 3. Dominican Republic
    • 2. Southeast Asia
    • 1. Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan

Where to go for the May holidays in Russia in 2016

Now you can find tours for any choice - frombudget one-day to fullan estimated vacation with accommodation in the best hotels in Russia "all inclusive."

5. One-day excursions of

If you do not want or do not want to stay away from habitual habitats for a long time, you can arrange a one-day excursion: from familiar sightseeing of historical and architectural monuments to artisanal fairs. With the child, you can visit a toy factory, a farm or a farm for breeding Scottish ponies. There are many options, and there is always where to go for the May holidays in 2016 cheaply, interestingly and with benefit.

4. Sightseeing trips

Traveling by bus from two days to a week and with overnight stays in hotels will allow with relative comfort to visit many of the most interesting places in Russia - from the classic Golden Ring to Valdai cheese makers and Sablin caves. Those who wish can arrange impromptu excursions on their own - you just need to have a car. The benefit is that the sights, cultural and natural, in Russia are abundant, and there is always where to go on the May holidays by car. For especially lazy Muscovites there is always Peter, and for the inhabitants of the northern capital - Moscow.


Cruises In May, navigation on rivers and lakes of the Russian Federation is already open. The motor ship is more comfortable than the bus, and there are many sights along the banks of large navigable rivers.

2. Active rest

Lovers vigorously stretch their limbs and seekers searching for winter holidays in Russia, waiting for horseback riding in the Crimea, rafting in the Carpathian Mountains, rock climbing in the mountains of the Central Caucasus and rafting along the Dniester.

1. Rest in a sanatorium or boarding house

From Moscow region to the Caucasus and from Crimea to Valdai and Seliger. You can even go kind of like abroad, to Byelorussia, to the Braslav Lakes. Guest houses are for every taste - from intended for lovers of walks in the pine forest to lost in the delta of the Volga fishing shelters.

Where to go for the May holidays at sea

The prospect of permanently expelling the bones from the cold winter looks seductive. But it's better to think about ordering a tour or buying tickets now - the closer to May, the more expensive trips will be. In each of the countries represented, there are hotels from the ranking of the best hotels in the world, we recommend that you read.

5. Turkey

The temperature of the Black Sea in May pleasantly invigorates only the most seasoned, so it is worth choosing resorts on the shores of the Mediterranean or Aegean Seas. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is the unstable political situation.

4. Egypt and Morocco

Egypt is suitable for tourists who have no problems with the cardiovascular system. Wet heat( temperature from 30 degrees and above) - not the most comfortable conditions for the organism of northerners. And in Morocco, the air temperature is 27 degrees, warm sea, golden sand and Arab exotica.

3. Dominican Republic

At this time of the year in the Dominican Republic, the off-season - the Easter holidays in North America have already ended, and the summer season has not yet opened. The air temperature is 30 degrees, but the sea breeze carries a pleasant coolness.

2. Southeast Asia

May in Vietnam is a good time for a beach holiday together with sightseeing trips around the country. In Sri Lanka you can get to the price minimum - the gap between the New Year and the summer peaks. The island of Bali, Indonesia, is good all year round, however the trip there will cost more.

1. Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan

Israel is traditionally associated with excursions to the monuments of biblical history, but the beach vacation in May in the Promised Land is not bad at all. In Greece, the ideal climate for the elderly or families with a child is moderately hot, a little humidity and the sea has time to warm up. But also since those wishing to warm up the body in the sun and dip into the salted water in early May with an abundance, prices can appreciably rise.