Top 10 best sites to watch TV shows online

Every year, anti-piracy legislation is getting tougher. Where can I watch the video online without fear of getting into an unpleasant situation? We offer you ten of the best Runet websites devoted to serials and films.

Contents: 1.
  • AMD 2. Megogo
  • 3. YouTube
  • 4. iTunes
  • 5. Molodejj
  • 6. Ivi
  • 7. Zoomby
  • 8. Okko
  • 9. TvZavr
  • 10. Now
  • 1. The

    AMEDIATE First placegoes to Amediateka. This is a paid site, but the safest. Here you watch your favorite movie absolutely legally. Amediatecha is fighting against piracy, and the show has all the rights. We recommend you to watch the best movies and the best TV series here.

    2. Megogo

    In second place, this project earns on advertising, it's all free, but it's mandatory to watch commercials. True, they can be turned off, but for 70 rubles a month. And here there is a special channel for those who do not hear well - films with subtitles and sign language translation, this is a very useful innovation.

    3. YouTube

    Third place in Youtube. The third reason is that there is a video of all formats, not just an artistic one. If you want to watch the series, then it's better to choose a specialized resource.

    4. iTunes

    The fourth position is iTunes, a service for Apple owners, here you can rent a movie for a month with the right view for forty-eight hours, and you can buy, but it's four times more expensive.

    5. Molodejj

    In the fifth place is an interesting site Here are broadcast simple sitcoms, like Give, young people! If you are unpretentious, then this resource will have to your liking.

    6. Ivi

    The sixth place is occupied by Here everything is a bit difficult - you can watch something for free, but with advertising, you can subscribe to something for money. This is a resource for those who have good taste, and want to watch only the best TV shows and the most anticipated films of the year.

    7. Zoomby

    The seventh place at, most of all television series of Russian production here, therefore the resource is very "soapy".If you are a fan of modern high-profile serials, then here you have nothing to do.

    8. Okko

    The eighth place is held by Okko, on which there are a lot of family serials and films, there have never been subscriptions, all products are bought one by one. But the prices are quite small.

    9. TvZavr

    The penultimate, ninth place in the site of TvZavr. There is a very strange set of tapes, not everyone will like this resource. But here it's free and very little advertising.

    10. Now

    The last place at the resource of TNT Here they broadcast the Battle of Psychics, House 2 and other similar things. This content is suitable only for TV.