Rating of the best feeder rods of 2014-2015

A good fisherman knows for sure that the right tackle provides half the success. Today we present the rating of feeder rods 2014-2015 , which includes the best feeders of the year.

For fishermen to choose from, the top ten included inexpensive but reliable feeders, and the most popular models.


  • 10. Salmo Diamond feeder
  • 9. Volzhanka OPTIMA( 2400 - 3000 rubles)
  • 8. SHIMANO ALIVIO( 3000 - 5500 rub.)
  • 7. SABANEEV Foton( 2900 - 5100 rub.).)
  • 6. Daiwa Aqualite Feeder
  • 5. Daiwa Procaster Feeder
  • 4. Banax Piccolo( 5000 - 5900 rub.)
  • 3. Mikado Tachibana( 4800 - 5500 rub.).
  • 2. Mikado Ultraviolet
  • 1. Algorithm 375
  • How to choose a feeder rod( Video)

10. Salmo Diamond feeder( 3500 - 5500 rub.)

Opens the top model, produced in 6 versions, length from 3.3 to 4.2 m, test from 80 to 180 g. The Salmo Diamond feeder form is made of graphite IM7,which provides sufficient rigidity and good populistost. The set also contains graphite peaks of varying rigidity.

9. Volzhanka OPTIMA( 2400 - 3000 rub.)

The rod is characterized by a complex parabolic system, which indicates a high class of gears. Taking into account the high quality Sea Guide fittings and handles from the cork combination with EVA, the model makes the fishing process as comfortable as possible. The feeder is presented in 5 versions with a length of 2.7 - 3.9 m and a test from 25 to 150 g.

8. SHIMANO ALIVIO( 3000 - 5500 rub.)

Rods are made of carbon XT30.These are not the most budgetary feeders, but they differ in their optimal characteristics. The rod is produced in versions of 366 and 396 cm in length with a test of up to 225 g.

7. SABANEEV Foton( 2900 - 5100 rub.)

The model is available in 4 versions from 3 to 4.2 meters in length and from 50 to 180 g. SABANEEV produces inexpensivefeeder rods, what to buy? Among the 4 models there is for every taste and purse. Products are made of high-quality carbon fiber with a handle made of cork.

6. Daiwa Aqualite Feeder( 6000 - 9000 rub.)

The rod is produced in 3 versions, length 3.3 - 3.9 m, test up to 90 g. The handle is made of a combination of foamed EVA and cork. In the set there are 3 interchangeable tops.

5. Daiwa Procaster Feeder( 3900 - 6800 rub.)

The thin form of this rod has a reserve of power to cast a large feeder and cope with large trophy fish. The model is produced in 2 versions - 3.9 and 4.2 m, test up to 150 g.

4. Banax Piccolo( 5000 - 5900 rub.)

Rods were designed specially for the ponds of the middle band and have an additional elongating elbow. Thus, one model can have different lengths. Banax Piccolo is produced in versions ranging from 350 to 450 cm with a test of up to 180 g.

3. Mikado Tachibana( 4800 - 5500 rub.)

The Tachibana series is a medium-sized fishing tackle. The kit comes with five tips. The feeder is available in versions of 360-390 cm in length and with a test of up to 90 g.

2. Mikado Ultraviolet( 4400 - 6800 rub.)

The distinctive features of the rods are light weight, excellent balance, fast and hard system. High-modular carbon fiber MX-9 will cope with any prey. The series has three modifications - Light, Heavy and Twin, each manufactured in versions from 330 to 420 cm in length and with a test of 90-120.

1. Algorithm 375( 6000 - 6300 rub.)

The best feeder rods were developed with the participation of championsof the world on feeder fishing. Naturally, the highest quality can not be cheap, therefore Algorithm feeders are sold at a price higher than average. The model is completed with 3 interchangeable tops and is intended for light and medium feeder rigs. Test Algorithm 375 - 15-60 g., Which also allows you to refer it to the class of piercer rods.

How to choose a feeder rod( Video)