Top 5 underwater gadgets for swimming and diving

If you like to swim under water, then do not deny yourself small earthly joys. Science does not stand still, and the market has a lot of gadgets that can make diving into the depths of the sea even more interesting. Introducing the list of underwater gadgets , which both salty and fresh water at all.


  • 5. Waterproof case for iPhone
  • 4. Underwater player
  • 3. Underwater walkie-talkie
  • 2. Underwater camera
  • 1. Mask with built-in camera

5. Waterproof case for iPhone

Now the lucky owner of iPhone can not part with his preciousacquisition, even going down under the water. Their favorite in a reliable armor is able to withstand from 2 to 10 meters of depth, remaining in working condition from 1 to 10 hours( depends on the level of protection of the cover).There are even cases with an absent front wall, which does not interfere with their performance. After all, the iPhone screen is waterproof by itself, and silicone gaskets reliably prevent the penetration of water. So now even at the bottom of the sea you can play your favorite games.

4. Underwater player

This is an irreplaceable thing for fans of scuba diving, because diving is not an excuse for not listening to your favorite music. Because of the characteristics of the water environment, the inventors of miracle-players went a special way - the sound began to be transmitted through bone vibrations. Vibro-transmitters are attached to the tape of glasses, the sound is transmitted over the bones of the skull and falls directly into the inner ear. This is very convenient, since no headphones are required. There is an assumption that these same vibrations are not very useful for health, but manufacturers assure that their underwater players are completely safe.

3. Underwater walkie-talkie

If the underwater player was only allowed to listen, then you can talk with your fellow divers by the underwater radio. Previously, the divers were underwater using either visual signals or bulky helmets with built-in walkie-talkies. However, the Japanese craftsmen went the original way, creating a small device Casio Logosease, which allows you to read the sound without the sound itself - by the vibration of the bones of the skull. To the mask is attached a small device, weighing only a hundred odd grams, and voila!- you can freely communicate with friends who are within sight. Underwater radio, which opens the top 3 useful gadgets for diving, can withstand a depth of 55 meters, which is more than enough for most diving lovers.

2. Underwater camera

Although many cameras now have the opportunity to purchase a protected cover, the so-called aqua-box, only a few of them can be called truly underwater. They are able to work at depths of 15 to 25 meters for an hour or more, while making high-quality video and photography with a variety of modes and the ability to change lenses. And there are miniature action cameras that can withstand water pressure up to 40 meters and are attached literally to anything - a helmet, surfboards, bicycles, cars and so on. The impermeability of the video camera does not apply only to water, it reliably protects the mechanism inside from dust, dirt, temperature drops, shocks and falls. Therefore, a good underwater camera is also able to serve its owner in forests, mountains, deserts and other extreme conditions.

1. Mask with built-in camera

The first place in the rating of the best diving devices is a very practical and convenient gadget. You can, of course, buy a separate mask and camera for underwater filming, but why not just buy two in one? To fully immerse in the elements, there is a mask with a built-in camera that is able to easily and naturally take underwater video at depths from 5 to 35( if you are an amateur) or even 100 meters( if you are a professional diver).The camera is operated by pressing a couple of large enough buttons, and information about it is displayed on the visor of the glasses. If desired, you can attach flashlights to the mask for the best lighting, pleased with the appearance of the surrounding fish, and the light filters will help compensate for the inherent underwater photography bluish tint. However, it is worth remembering that for successful personnel it is not necessary to shake your head furiously back and forth, and to drive it slowly, smoothly and with dignity.