Top-4 different types of air conditioners

Homeowners are turning to air conditioning technology to fight heat in the summer. Like most appliances, more powerful and efficient air conditioner units are very expensive, and often require more technical skills and efforts to install it than a less powerful unit.

Mobile air conditioner varies depending on the size, installation requirements and the size of the space that it needs to cool.

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Central air conditioning system.

Central air-conditioning systems simultaneously cool several rooms or even the entire living space. These systems consist of an air conditioner and a series of interconnected channels. It can be installed on a roof or near an outside wall, central air conditioning cools warm air and uses a fan to distribute air through the ducts. Usually hidden in walls and ceilings, air ducts release cold air through the ventilation holes. Many central air-conditioning systems divide air ducts and controls with central heating equipment. As a rule, the most powerful and expensive option, builders usually install in new construction.

Single room air conditioning.

Single air conditioner cools one confined space. Single room module protrudes through a hole in the outer wall;the consumption of the device and the rest of the pallet on the outside of the structure, the fan and controls are on the inside. Single room module is much cheaper than central air conditioning systems and suitable for installation in new construction and reconstruction.

Window blocks.

Like individual units, window blocks cover the interior structure and appearance. However, instead of finally fixing the frame, the installation of window blocks to the window frame, differ in size and cooling capacity. Window units are easy to install during hot weather, they are easy to remove and store in the cool season. These devices are usually inexpensive and available in most home improvement stores.

Portable air conditioners.

Often installed on castors, portable air conditioners, autonomous air conditioners that connect to a standard electrical outlet or easily move between the rooms of the house. While powerful portable air conditioners can cool the entire room, inexpensive units tend to cool the room only in close proximity. Mobile air conditioners can be bought at any nearest home appliance store.