Rating of washing vacuum cleaners for home 2016: the best models

Most vacuum cleaners are not as powerful as their "dry" counterparts, but they compensate for this with versatility and ease of handling. We present to you the rating of detergent vacuum cleaners for the house of 2016 , based on the recalls and popularity of the models on "Yandex. Market".


  • 10. Zelmer ZVC752SP
  • 9. Thomas BRAVO 20S Aquafilter
  • 8. iRobot Scooba 450
  • 7. Thomas TWIN Panther
  • 6. Thomas TWIN TT Aquafilter
  • 5. Zelmer ZVC752ST
  • 4. Karcher SE 4001
  • 3. Karcher SE5.100
  • 2. Thomas TWIN XT
  • 1. Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter

10. Zelmer ZVC752SP

  • The average price is 11? 480 rubles.
  • Dust collector: aquafilter.

Vacuum cleaner with a lot of baits. Powered by the network and "eats" 1600 watts. Weighs 8.5 kg. There is no dust bag. Which washing vacuum cleaner is best: with a bag or without a bag? The main advantage of a vacuum cleaner without a bag is the absence or, at least, a significant reduction in suction loss. Disadvantage - with careless handling dust can go back to the room.
Of cons: frequent clogging of the water spray on the cleaning nozzle.

9. Thomas BRAVO 20S Aquafilter

  • Average price - 10? 821 rub.
  • Dust collector: cyclone filter.

This bucket with motor and wheels weighs less than the previous participant in the rating of detergent vacuum cleaners - 7.1 kg, and the power consumption is the same. Water sprays under pressure and very quickly collects water with debris.

Disadvantages: all parts of the vacuum cleaner have to be washed after cleaning.

8. iRobot Scooba 450

  • Average price - 35? 900 rub.
  • Dust collector: cyclone filter.

Already familiar member of the rating of robots-vacuum cleaners in 2016.Small, light, wireless. The battery lasts for 40 minutes. If you do not want to allow iRobot Scooba 450 to some part of the house, then use the "virtual wall" function.

Disadvantages: there may be errors in the process of work, in order to get rid of them you need to update the firmware. He works slowly, he slips on carpets.

7. Thomas TWIN Panther

  • Average price - 11? 346 rub.
  • Dust collector: bag for 6 liters.

Another heavy( 8.4 kg) and powerful( 1600 W) wired model in the top vacuum cleaners of 2016.Thanks to the combination of black and silvery colors it looks very stylish. It is good at cleaning carpets and tiles and even interlacing joints.

Cons: uncomfortable handle-holder on the case.

6. Thomas TWIN TT Aquafilter

  • The average price is 19? 125 rubles.
  • Dust collector: aquafilter.

Massive vacuum cleaner weighing 9.2 kg and a power of 1600 watts. Despite the weight, he maneuverably moves even on a fleecy carpet. Equipped with a power regulator. Can wash not only the tile, laminate and linoleum, but also a dirty sofa.

Less: flimsy plastic parts, expensive parts.

5. Zelmer ZVC752ST

  • Average price - 12? 560 rub.
  • Dust collector: aquafilter.

Model with a power regulator, weighing 8.5 kg and a power of 1600 watts. Although there is no dust bag, it can be purchased and used separately. In the set there are numerous nozzles.

Disadvantages: at full power goes to ultrasound, after wet cleaning of carpets they remain wet.

4. Karcher SE 4001

  • Average price - 17? 090 rub.
  • Dust collector: bag.

Power is inferior to other models( 1400 W), weight is also( 8 kg)."Appearance" is unassuming, but is it worth demanding beauty from a workhorse? A round tank for dirty water is easy to clean, users praise the convenient handle of the vacuum cleaner.

Disadvantages: it takes effort to attach the hose to the housing. No power adjustment.

3. Karcher SE 5.100

  • The average price is 20? 590 rubles.
  • Dust collector: bag.

The power is similar to the previous model from the list, but weighs even less - 7.1 kg. Easy to disassemble and wash. It sucks well when dry and in wet cleaning mode. Equipped with two tanks for clean and dirty water.

Disadvantages: the cord does not wind down, the wheels are made of plastic, the high price.

2. Thomas TWIN XT

  • Average price - 20? 860 rub.
  • Dust collector: aquafilter.

The most powerful vacuum cleaner in the rating of washing vacuum cleaners for home - 1700 Watts. Weight - 8 kg. There is a power regulator. Excellent sucks, including animal hair, and cleans dirt.

Disadvantages: Small volume of detergent tank.

1. Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter

  • Average price - 15? 576 rub.
  • Dust collector: aquafilter.

And here is the best washing vacuum cleaner for a house in the rating of 2016.Although it lacks a power regulator, it has other advantages: an indicator of filling the dust box, vertical parking, a light brush, with which you can get out even in hard-to-reach places. Power - 1600 watts.

Cons: short cord, bulky( 8.4 kg).