How to choose an e-book

How to be guided when choosing an e-book? Today, there are a lot of different boukriders. Visiting the worldwide network, an ordinary user who is poorly informed about the parameters of this technique and characteristics can easily get confused among such a wide variety. Therefore, we will carry out a small study comparing two fairly well-known brands. Both have a display with a diagonal of 6 inches, roughly similar appearance, but slightly different prices. How can they be so different?

The first fairly well-known representative of the electronic world is the electronic book digma q600, the second is the Ritmix RBK-750 .The volume of internal memory of the latter is 4 GB, while the figure describing the same in the pioneer is only 2 GB.There may be a debate, because not every user can need so much volume. Nevertheless, being aware of the fact that book-keepers often act as an entertaining toy that allows you to listen to music, watch video in addition to reading, it becomes obvious that 2 GB is not enough.

In addition, the number of text formats that is able to read is a good electronic book digma again will be significantly inferior to the second version of the same kind of technical device. Many will once again ask the question, is this an important indicator? We will answer that when downloading many books from the Internet later it will turn out that the maximum possible number of different formats is required for reading, and this can not be avoided. And keep in the device re-archives and other specialized programs is not so simple.

Wi-fi is very tightly integrated into our everyday life and is required sometimes in the most unpredictable moments. Unfortunately, the e-book digma , it is not known whether this inclusion. In this case, the ritmix reader has it in stock for 100%.

Considering all of the above, the latest novelty comes out on top, even despite its price indicators. More powerful and powerful equipment from the inside is responsible for more convenient use.

The design is also thought out a little more subtly, but this can only be understood by holding both of the devices discussed in the hand. Add to all that the second purchase with a guarantee is much easier than the first. And it's easy to explain - the country manufacturers have different devices. It is this characteristic, perhaps, that can explain the differences between them.