Rating of the most influential brands in 2012

The names of these brands flashed daily in the news, their products are trusted by millions of consumers, and their value is billions of dollars. Forbes published rating of the most influential brands of 2012 .

Predominantly, the top ten included companies working in the field of high technology. The aggregate value of all the brands represented exceeds $ 430 billion. In the evaluation process, experts compared revenues for the last three years, as well as the role that a company plays in its industry.


  • 10. Cisco( brand value is $ 26.3 billion)
  • 9. BMW( brand value is $ 26.3 billion)
  • 8. General Electric( brand value is $ 33.7 billion)
  • 7. McDonald's( brand value- $ 37.4 billion)
  • 6. Intel( brand value - $ 32.3 billion)
  • 5. Google( brand value - $ 37.6 billion)
  • 4. IBM( brand value - $ 48.5 billion)
  • 3. Coca-Cola( brand value is $ 48.5 billion)
  • 2. Microsoft( brand value is $ 54.7 billion)
  • 1. Apple( brand value is $ 87.1 billion)

10. Cisco( brand value is $ 26.3 billion)

- the world leader in the production of all kinds of networkequipment. By the way, the corporation seriously intends to open its representative office in the Russian Skolkovo with the aim to participate in large-scale research projects.

9. BMW( brand value - $ 26.3 billion)

is the leader of the ranking of the most respected brands in the world according to the Reputation Institute. The German concern was the only automaker in our current ten.

8. General Electric( brand value - $ 33.7 billion)

is the world's largest non-financial Transnational Corporation. According to Forbes, the corporation also ranks third in the ranking of the world's largest public companies.

7. McDonald's( brand value - $ 37.4 billion)

also takes the fourth line in the rating of the most expensive brands in 2012 by the version of Millward Brown Optimor, whose method of evaluation is slightly different from Forbes.

6. Intel( brand value - $ 32.3 billion)

- the world's largest manufacturer of microprocessors. Intel owns two-thirds of the "processor" market, which is why the company is periodically involved in antitrust proceedings.

5. Google( brand value - $ 37.6 billion)

not only closes the top five most influential brands, but also takes the sixth place in the ranking of the most respected. It's nice that the source of Google was the ex-Russian Sergey Brin. Today Google is not just the largest search engine, but also a lot of favorite and convenient Internet services, such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk, etc.

4. IBM( brand value - $ 48.5 billion)

has been working in the IT and high-tech market for more than 100 years! It all started with machines for calculating the results of the US population census, and today IBM is the leader in the production of software and hardware for computer equipment.

3. Coca-Cola( brand value - $ 48.5 billion)

- the most expensive American brand in the period from 2006 to 2009.The most popular carbonated drink is sold in 200 countries of the world and beats all records of recognition and the number of fans. For the first time, the public was shown the secrets of Cola's production in 2011 on the National Geographic channel.

2. Microsoft( brand value - $ 54.7 billion)

is the leader in software production. Despite the ongoing antitrust proceedings involving Microsoft, the brand continues to be popular, respected and familiar to millions of PC owners, game consoles and smartphones.

1. Apple( brand value - $ 87.1 billion)

demonstrates a rabid growth in popularity. Over the past two years, the brand value has increased by 52%.The company's annual profit exceeds $ 40 billion. Today, Apple is a cult brand for millions of mobile electronics owners around the world. The company's policy is quite unique, but unbending. Despite the limitations of memory, the refusal to standardize the connectors and other oddities, the "apple" devices do not stop their victorious march on world markets since 2007, when the first iPhone came on sale.