The most expensive breed of cats. Top-18( with photos)

17th place: Peterbald or St. Petersburg sphinx is a breed of elegant cats bred in Russia in 1994 as a result of experimental crossing of the oriental cat and the Don Sphynx. The body of the peterbald can be completely bald or covered with soft fluff. These elegant animals have a slender body, a long head shape and large, dilated ears. St. Petersburg sphinxes can be described as curious, friendly and affectionate cats, which are vital to communication with people. Thanks to their exceptional intelligence and extraordinary contact, they are well suited for training. The cost of a petbreed depends on its class and gender and can range from 300 to 1300 US dollars .

16-place: The Himalayan cat is a breed of long-haired cats, identical in appearance to Persian, except for blue eyes and colourpoint color( a light body with a dark muzzle, paws, ears and tail), resulting from crossing the Siamese breed withPersian. The breed originated in the USA.Himalayan cats represent the golden mean between the Persian and the Siamese: they are not so intrusive as the Siamese, and a little more active than the Persians. Himalayan people are very affectionate, playful, obedient, friendly animals, possessing a calm and gentle character. The price of the cat of the Himalayan breed is 500-1300 cu .

15th place: Scottish Fold or Scottish Fold is a very interesting breed of cats, the main distinguishing feature of which is represented in the characteristic structure of the auricles curved forward and down. Such an unusual detail of their appearance is a consequence of gene mutation. The first representative of this breed was discovered in 1961 in Scotland. Scottish folds have a balanced temper, playful, smart, get along well with all family members. In addition, they have a number of amazing features. First, the cat's specific voice, different from the usual purring with its creakiness. Secondly, they can stand on their hind legs, looking at what interested them. And, thirdly, the Scottish Fold like to sit in a L-shaped position with a straight back and elongated legs - this pose has received the corresponding name - "the pose of the Buddha."The cost of cats of this breed varies within 200-1500 dollars .

14th place: The Canadian Sphynx is a breed of hairless cats, whose history officially began in 1966 in Canada, but there are reports that these unusual creatures were known even in the time of the Egyptian pharaohs and were common in the temples of the Aztecs and Incas in ancient Mexico. Sphinxes are famous for their unusually sociable, peaceful and friendly character. They are very graceful, energetic, intelligent and boundlessly devoted to their master animals. Very often they can be found behind a curious occupation: they can permanently freeze in bizarre poses, looking at something or simply immersed in meditation. The price of the thinker of the Sphynx breed varies from 400 to 1500 dollars .

13th place: British Shorthair is a medium to large-sized cat breed, officially recognized in 1984.Their colors are rich in variety, but the most popular are solid( purple, blue, black, chocolate).These short-haired cats have a truly English character, the main qualities of which are self-esteem and restraint. Britons are particularly independent - they tolerate loneliness calmly, rarely flatter themselves to their master and do not require much attention to themselves, but when they have a desire to play or chat, they will certainly let you know about it. The cost of a British aristocrat can range from 500 to 1500 conventional units of .

12th place: Maine Coon is a large breed of domestic cats, whose ancestors lived on the farms of Maine( North-East America).Because of the original black with stripes of color and a huge fluffy tail, they outwardly resembled raccoons - hence the second part of the name "coon", that is, "raccoon".Representatives of this breed can weigh from 5 to 15 kg, and the body length of an adult Maine Coon can reach 1.23 m. Despite their slightly threatening appearance, they are known as "gentle giants."Maine coons are complaisant, affectionate, benevolent and playful creatures who are famous for their "melodiousness" and often delight owners with original solo performances. The price of a voiceless cat ranges between 600-1500 dollars .

11th place: Laperm - a breed of cats with curly hair, appeared in the US in the 1980s as a result of free crossing. The breed was officially recognized in 1996.Lapernes are inquisitive, affectionate, active and very fond of hunting. In addition, they are hypoallergenic and perfectly suited to families whose members are allergic. The price for kittens of this breed varies within 200-2000 dollars , depending on their gender and class.

10th place: Russian blue - one of the most popular breeds of short-haired cats, leading its origin from the cats of the ancient Slavs. Outside Russia, this breed became known in 1893, when the English factory owner Karen Cox took two blue kittens from Arkhangelsk. The main distinguishing feature of the breed is a short wool of blue color with a beautiful silvery tint. Russian blue - good, obedient, peace-loving cats, but sometimes they can be stubborn and freedom-loving. The belief says that they bring prosperity and happiness to the house. You can buy a talisman in the form of a Russian blue cat for 400-2000 dollars .Russian Blue is among the top 20 most popular breeds of cats in the world.

9th place: Serengeti is a breed of domestic cats, bred in 1994 in California as a result of crossing Bengal and Oriental cats. Its name was given in honor of the habitat of the Serengeti Servaleti reserve, Tanzania. The average weight of the serenget is 8-12 kg. They have a strong build, large ears, spotted color and very long legs. They can be described as graceful, mobile, playful, communicative and peaceful animals. The cost of representatives of this breed is 600-2000 conventional units .

8th place: Elf - a young breed of cats, the first representatives of which were withdrawn in the US in 2006.In the breeding work involved American curls and Canadian sphinxes, resulting in an unusual breed of hairless cats with ears bent forward. Elves are very friendly, intelligent, mischievous, sociable, inquisitive and devoted creatures. Those wishing to purchase such a unique pet will have to pay a rather large sum - 2000 US dollars .

7th place: Toyger - a large breed of cats, with its appearance resembling tigers, was withdrawn in the US in 1993, and officially received in 2007.The creator of the breed claims that the toy tiger breed was designed to inspire people to care for the preservation of tigers in the wild. Despite the name, the size of the toyers is not very toy: the average weight of an adult is 7-10 kg. Toeger has a calm temperament, intelligent and easy to learn. The cost of a mini-tiger varies within 500-3000 dollars .

6th place: American curle - a breed of short-haired and semi-long-haired cats, first found in California in 1981.It was famous for its unusual ears, which are wrapped back, like small horns. Interestingly, the kittens of the American curl are born with straight ears, and they begin to be twisted back in the period from the 2nd to the 10th day of life. Cats of this breed are very intelligent, curious, friendly and playful, adapt well to new conditions and are incredibly devoted to their master. The price for a kitten of the American Curl breed can range from 1000 to 3000 dollars. This high price is also due to the fact that the American curl is one of the rarest breeds of cats.

5th place: Bengal cat is a hybrid breed, bred in the 1980s in the United States as a result of crossing an Asian leopard cat with a domestic cat. Its main advantage is the luxurious thick coat of leopard coloring. The weight of an adult specimen of Bengal is 4-8 kg. Representatives of this breed are very sociable and need a permanent human society. They are intelligent, active and, despite their roots, not at all aggressive, but on the contrary, very tender and sensitive animals, quickly adapting to the new environment. Bengal cats have several characteristic habits: despite their impressive size, they often climb onto the shoulders of the owner. In addition, they adore water procedures - often play with water, and sometimes persistently ask to shower with the owner. The price of a Bengal cat varies from 1000 to 4000 conventional units of , depending on its class and sex.

4th place: Safari is a rare hybrid breed of cats that has arisen as a result of crossing a normal domestic cat and a South American wild goffrey cat. The first representatives of the breed were withdrawn in the early 1970s in the United States to study leukemia. Adults on average weigh 11 kg. This unusual animal combines the magnificent coloration of wild Geoffrey cat and the gentle essence of a domestic cat. They have a benevolent and balanced disposition, are incredibly intelligent and energetic. There is information that safari is the most kind and loving of all existing hybrid breeds. The cost of cats of this breed varies within 4-8 thousand conventional units .

3rd place: Kao-mani is a breed of Thai-born cats that has an ancient pedigree dating back several centuries. The earliest mention of them is in Tamra Maew, or in the Cat's Poem Book( 1350-1767 gg.).In ancient Siam, kao-mani lived only in royal families, and was considered a symbol of luck, longevity and wealth. The main distinguishing feature of this cat is snow-white smooth hair and expressive eyes, which can be yellow, blue or multi-colored. Kao-mani have a reputation for being sociable, intelligent, active and easily trained cats. The price for a kitten of this breed can vary from 7000 to 10,000 dollars .

2 nd place: Chausi - one of the rarest breeds of domestic cats, which was bred by crossing the domestic Abyssinian cat and wild African( marsh lynx).The first representative of this breed was bred in the US in the late 60's. The average weight of adults varies from 4 to 8 kg. Chauzy are slender, graceful short-haired cats with long legs and large ears. They can be described as intelligent and active animals that do not lose their fervor throughout their lives. Due to their sociable nature, they do not like solitude and prefer any company, be it a person, a cat or even a dog. The cost of kittens of the highest class chowzi breed is 8-10 thousand conventional units .

1 st place: Savannah - is the most expensive of the existing breeds of cats , derived by hybridization of African serval and domestic cat. The breeding of this breed in the United States began in the early 1980s, and the first two kittens were born in 1986.Savannah weight can reach 15 kg, and height - 60 cm, which makes them the largest breed of domestic cats.

Distinctive features of the savannah are long legs, oblong slender body, large cup-shaped ears, derived from wild ancestors, as well as dense coat of spotted color. Savannahs are known for their high level of intelligence, calm character, curiosity and activity. They adapt very well to life under new conditions, but they need sufficient space for games and running around. They get along well with other animals, like water procedures and walks in the fresh air. Depending on the class and gender of the kitten, the price can vary from 4 to 22 thousand dollars.

Cats are affectionate and tender creatures that already live near a person for more than 10 thousand years, and today are considered one of the most popular pets. There are a lot of breeds of cats: some of them appeared by chance, some were artificially taken out by breeders, but all of them, undoubtedly, are beautiful and unique. Depending on the rarity and purity of the breed, the price can range from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. In this collection, we present to you 18 most expensive breeds of cats:

18th place: Devon Rex - a breed of short-haired domestic cats, originated in the 1960s. In Great Britain. Representatives of this breed have a very unusual appearance: the fragile body is covered with soft curly hair, and the head is decorated with huge ears. They are very intelligent and easily trained to perform even the most complex tricks. In addition, Devonian Rex refers to hypoallergenic cats, which makes them even more popular. The price of such an "alien" kitty with a pedigree varies within 400-1200 dollars .