Top 10 stars who were homeless

The stars of cinema and show business, who have made millions of fortunes, enjoy life. Many of them live in luxurious, expensive mansions, in which it is not difficult to get lost with unaccustomed. But not all famous people were born rich.

Here are ten successful and famous people who were once poor and homeless.


  • 10. Hilary Swank
  • 9. Steve Harvey
  • 8. Jennifer Lopez
  • 7. Jewel Kielcher( Jewel)
  • 6. Christopher Gardner
  • 5. Daniel Craig
  • 4. Suze Orman
  • 3. Dr. Phil McGraw
  • 2.Holly Berry
  • 1. Jim Carrey

10. Hilary Swank

In her teens, the actress moved to California, along with her mother, and at first they had to live in a trailer. Thanks to hard work and acting talents, Swank received two Oscar awards. And to spend the night in the car to it, the owner of the 40 million state, hardly it is necessary.

9. Steve Harvey

The popular comedian Steve Harvey in an interview with People Magazine said that at the beginning of the creative path( in the late 1980s), one or two concerts failed, and he suddenly turned out to be homeless. Harvey lived in his Ford Tempo car for three years until he got an invitation to appear on the It's Showtime at the Apollo.

8. Jennifer Lopez

At age 18, the beautiful Jay Lu left the house. She wanted to become a ballerina, and her mother wanted her daughter to go to college. The disobedient Lopez had to sleep on the sofa in the dance studio. Now she is among the most successful singers( more than 55 million albums sold).

7. Jewel Kilcher( Jewel)

This American singer recorded her debut album Pieces of You when she was 19 years old. Once the boss suggested Jewel sleep with him, and after receiving a refusal, did not give the girl her check. Because of this, she was unable to pay rented housing and the month was forced to live in a car. Subsequently, Jewel recalled that she nearly died in the emergency car park, because she did not have insurance and doctors did not want to take her. But such trials did not break the future celebrity, and the way "from dirt to jewels" was successfully passed.

6. Christopher Gardner

The millionaire's childhood was marked by poverty, domestic violence, alcoholism, and illiteracy. Already an adult, he, along with his young son, lived on the street. At the time, Gardner was trying to make a career in finance, despite the lack of any experience. Today, he is the CEO of Gardner Rich &Co LLC and released two best-selling books under its own name. On the basis of Christopher Gardner's autobiography, the tape "In pursuit of happiness" was filmed. The main role in it was played by Will Smith.

5. Daniel Craig

Before playing the role of agent 007, Craig had to master the role of the homeless. Would have known the inhabitants of London lodging houses for homeless people, that next to them the future James Bond sleeps.

4. Suze Orman

Financial adviser, motivational speaker and TV host Suze Orman spent four months in a van. This was in 1973.However, hard times did not harden her heart. In the book "9 Steps to Financial Freedom," Orman said she donated money to charity when she herself did not have enough money to live.

3. Dr. Phil McGraw

When the most famous psychologist of America Phil McGraw was 12 years old, he lived in a car with his father, who was trained in Kansas City as a psychologist.

2. Halle Berry

Deciding to become an actress, Halle Berry moved to Chicago. Once, when she did not have money, her mother did not help her and the future Groza from "X-Men" had to stay in a shelter for the homeless for a while.

1. Jim Carrey

Headed the list of homeless stars inimitable "Mask".When Jim was 12 years old, his father lost his job, and this sensitively hit a family budget of 6 people. Later, the actor recalled that "it was really a traumatic blow to the stomach."To help his family financially, after school he had to work at an enterprise that produced steel rims and tires. For some time, the Kerry family lived in a camper.

But do not be too sorry for Jim. In 1996, he was the first comedian to receive $ 20 million for the film "The Cableman."In addition, this world-famous comedian once confessed that difficult times helped him develop a sense of humor.