Rating of Russian regions by quality( level) of life

Annually RIA "Rating" ranks the regions of the Russian Federation on the basis of 61 indicators. Among the factors and income level of the population, and economic development, and the provision of different types of services. Out of 83 regions in the last places were the republics of Tyva, Kalmykia and Altai.

Today we offer the top ten, which topped the rating of the regions of the Russian Federation for the quality of life of .


  • 10. Sverdlovsk Region
  • 9. The Nizhny Novgorod Region
  • 8. The Tyumen Region
  • 7. The Voronezh Region
  • 6. The Belgorod Region
  • 5. The Krasnodar Territory
  • 4. The Republic of Tatarstan
  • 3. The Moscow Region
  • 2. St. Petersburg, Petersburg
  • 1. Moscow

10. Sverdlovsk Oblast

In the last year's rating, the region did not enter the top ten. But for the year in the region, the volumes in processing industries increased by 15%, by 3.9% in the food industry, and by 2.4% - in the extraction of minerals. And the number of commissioned residential square meters is almost 1.8 times higher than in the previous year.

9. Nizhny Novgorod region

The region improved its position in the rating for the past 2014 by one line. The region is one of the largest subjects of central Russia in terms of area. Per capita incomes of the region's residents in 2014 exceeded the national average by 2%.

8. Tyumen Region

In the rating, the Tyumen region rose one line up over the past year. Taking into account the Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous regions, the region is the third largest in the area of ​​Russia. The Tyumen region traditionally demonstrates high per capita incomes and stable growth of extracting and processing industries.

7. Voronezh region

The region traditionally refers to stable and favorable for living, both from the point of view of the level of savings, and from the environment and security. So, in 2014 in the region there was a decrease in the level of socially significant diseases, a rise in the birth rate was recorded.

6. Belgorod Region

The region is among the five most environmentally friendly for life. Together with the stable economic situation, the Belgorod region offers a decent standard of living.

5. Krasnodar Territory

In the current year, the region recorded growth in housing construction, an increase in the average income of the population, and an improvement in the quality of medical care. A powerful impetus to the development of the region was given by the Sochi Olympics.

4. The Republic of Tatarstan

Almost all the economic and social indicators show the results of the region above the national average. Experts note the highest level of education and healthcare systems, as well as the provision of Tatarstan residents with all types of services.

3. Moscow region

The region traditionally closes the top three rating of the standard of living. New schools, kindergartens, as well as other social facilities are being actively commissioned in the region. In the region there are programs of targeted support for entrepreneurship, which positively affects the employment and income of the population.

2. St. Petersburg

In the northern capital for the year recorded growth in manufacturing, construction, transportation services and communications. The income of the population of Peter increased over the past year by 4%.The volume of investments in the capital of organizations also increased.

1. Moscow

The standard of living in Moscow has traditionally remained at a high level. The residents of the capital are more accessible to advanced educational and medical services, travel, a wide range of goods. And this is with higher incomes of Muscovites in per capita calculation.