Rating of the best mobile phones of 2011

Rating of mobile phones 2011 is needed in order to navigate in mobile innovations, as this market is rapidly evolving and changes occur in it literally every day. Now you can find the phone for any requests, but you need to choose from the best.

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8. Samsung GT-B7722 Duos

Very important quality of this phone is the ability to work simultaneously with two SIM cards, which is convenient fortravel, communication with other countries and just for the daily work of business people. The touch screen is scratch-resistant and has an anti-reflective coating. The phone supports standard microSD memory cards, all kinds of data transfer. Of the available body colors, only black.

7. HTC A8181 Desire

First of all, developers and users note the speed of the phone, which remains unchanged even if several applications are running in the background. The touch screen meets all the necessary requirements and has a lot of sensors, besides it uses one of the newest technologies - an optical trackball, which, in fact, replaces a computer mouse. One of the drawbacks of this phone is a small battery capacity, which creates the need for daily charging.

6. Nokia C7

The metal case of the phone protects it from internal damage, and the internal memory of 8GB( you can add a microSD memory card) allows you to download everything you need for work and entertainment. The 3.5 inch screen is equipped with position and light sensors for even more convenient use, besides, the developers have reduced the screen thickness without loss in strength, which reduced its weight.

5. Samsung GT-S5230 Star

The undoubted advantage among of all phones in the rating is, undoubtedly, its price. Only for 4100 rubles( the price can vary depending on the network of stores) you get a touch screen with a diagonal of 3 ", an input for standard microSD memory cards, Bluetooth 2.0, a 3.20 megapixel camera, a radio and many other necessary functions.

4. Nokia 5230

One of the main directions that was developed in this phone is a carefully designed player that can be controlled remotely by voice, moreover, when buying this phone, you get a subscription for a year to the music service "Together with Music".Continuing the entertainment direction, the developers focused on games that can be installed in one click. Affordable price( 6200 rubles), replacement panel included in the kit, a powerful battery( about 4 days without charging) can not but please the buyer.

3. HTC A3333 Wildfire

Incarnated in itself the perfect combination of price and quality. In your access, all Google services, recognized all over the world among the best, besides there are many widgets and functions, without which you can not simply do without: world time. Radio, weather forecast, interactive diary, as well as Twitter and Facebook clients. Of course it was not without the standard for smartphone functions: camera( 5 megapixel), GPS, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-fi, etc.

2. Apple iPhone 4 16Gb

This is a classic Apple, raised to a new level. It is reliable, thanks to a new screen and case protection system, but it is strikingly light and thin. Incredible speed of operation, accurate response to commands, Bluetooth 2.1, digital compass, large RAM, noise reduction system - everything is created in order to make the user's life more enjoyable. This is the first Apple phone that has been provided with a full 5 Mpix camera, with a face recognition system, autofocus and other necessary functions.

  1. Samsung GT-S8500 Wave

Represents a new operating system for mobile from Samsung, with which many software vendors already work. There are 3-d effects that look very colorful, still an important place is occupied by widgets that make working space as comfortable as possible. The image quality is greatly enhanced due to the technology that was not previously used on mobile phones - DNIe, and there is also an improved management of gestures. This phone has collected all possible modules and interfaces that are familiar, or unusual, in communicators. Also for the first time appear on the market of cell phones Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 3.0.

Alena Kashtanova