Rating of the most expensive cats in the world

Top 5 most expensive breeds of cats

The fashion for small dogs has passed and replaced by a new one - for big cats. However, not only and not so much on large, as exotic. And, as you know, everything fashionable and popular is expensive, and the breed of cats - is no exception. Today, many cats stand as a brand-new mid-range car, but this does not in the least reduce their( cats) popularity, even, rather, vice versa. And would you like a cat that goes to the rating of the most expensive cat breeds ?

5. Canadian sphinx

Known for extremely unusual appearance, or rather, complete absence of wool. Initially, they were taken out so that cats could be kept by people who are allergic to cat hair, but at the present time, not only allergy sufferers are among the fans of this breed. Among the characteristics of the breed should be noted the calm attitude of cats to water, and, despite the almost complete absence of wool, cats easily tolerate the cold. Representatives of this breed are sweating all over the body, which makes it necessary to constantly wash them, otherwise they will leave marks on clothes and furniture. The minimum price for a kitten of a sphinx is $ 400, elite kittens cost at least $ 1200, and if the kitten has a rare color, the price rises to $ 2500.

4. Toyger

A cat, resembling a small tiger in appearance, won the sympathy of a huge number of people in a very short time. Officially this breed was registered in 2007, a year later they were brought to Russia. These cats show amazing devotion, towards the master, are very smart and beautiful. Breeders continue to work with the breed in order to achieve the maximum resemblance to the tiger. Elite kittens of this breed cost an average of about $ 2000, but the price can vary greatly.

3. Mainchun

This cat is known for its size and is recognized as the largest breed in the world, some individuals reach a weight of 17 kg. This breed is not the result of complex breeding activity, it appeared naturally in New England due to the severe winters that favored the survival of large cats with long hair. Cats of this breed are distinguished by a special kindness, playfulness, suspicion to strangers. The minimum cost of kittens is $ 1700, but it can increase up to $ 2500

. 2. Bengal cat

It appeared by crossing wild Bengal( Far-Eastern) and domestic cats. In connection with a close affinity with wild cats, Bengal hunter's instinct is very developed, but they get along well with other animals. Very playful throughout life, the coat does not require any special care. Elite kittens of this breed cost about $ 3000, up to $ 5000.

1. Savannah

It so happened that on the first two places of the rating of the most expensive cats , there are hybrids of domestic with wild cats. This is explained by the very complex selection work. Savannah is a cross between an African serval and a domestic cat( most often Bengali).This is a very large cat: at the withers reaches 60 cm, weight - about 15 kg. For such a cat you need a lot of space for jogging and jumping, besides, they do not like to be alone, easily get used to the leash. Interesting in that they love water, and especially play in it, "to fish."Their cost varies from $ 4000 to $ 10,000.

Author: Alena Kashtanova