Rating of the best sites about games

The real fans of computer games are ready to read and communicate on a loved topic endlessly. It is for these truly passionate natures and are designed gaming sites, which are collected news, reviews, evaluations of a variety of games. In today's top ten, the ranking of the best sites about the game , which includes Russian-language resources, is presented.


  • 10. gameguru.ru
  • 9. ag.ru
  • 8. igromania.ru
  • 7. goodgame.ru
  • 6. stopgame.ru
  • 5. kanobu.ru
  • 4. gamer.ru
  • 3. gmbox.ru
  • 2. coop-land.ru
  • 1. playground.ru

10. gameguru.ru

The site has a real encyclopedia describing 29 thousand computer, mobile and "console" games. Here you can find the latest news, wallpapers, screenshots, ratings and a platform for communication.

9. ag.ru

The site has a lot of information on the current games, as well as on products under development. The separate library contains video games, demos, patches, and also "game classics" - those games that were played at the dawn of the computer era.

8. igromania.ru

Every month more than 1 million 300 thousand people visit the site. The resource offers visitors current news, reviews, as well as an electronic archive of the eponymous magazine about computer games.

7. goodgame.ru

The resource declares itself as an electronic media, published since 2008.The main directions on the site are broadcast of cyber-sports matches, articles and reviews about games and competitions, fresh news.

6. stopgame.ru

The site offers game news, game reviews, codes, tips, trainers, tips on tactics. Separate sections contain screenshots, records, wallpapers. In addition to computer games, the resource also highlights console projects.

5. kanobu.ru

The site is dedicated to video and computer games, contains news, reviews, tips for passing. A separate section is an online games store. For communication, the section "Pub" is used.

4. gamer.ru

A popular game site contains game descriptions, guides, reviews, videos, wallpapers. Separate sections are devoted to conducting actions and competitions for fans of games. The resource also offers everyone to register in a small thematic social network.

3. gmbox.ru

The top three leaders in the ranking of the best gaming sites are closing the resource dedicated to video and online games, news, reviews and reviews. On the site you can not only search for thematic information, but also play online.

2. coop-land.ru

On the site you can find descriptions of games, pick up a partner for a network battle, buy digital goods, chat on the forum. Every month, about a million visitors enter the page.

1. playground.ru

The largest site about the game started work back in 2001.Today the project includes many servers, containing thematic information on various games, several forums, a gallery of photo and video content, a database of codes for different games.

Recently, Minecraft has been very popular. This is a building game in the genre of "sandbox", with extremely unusual graphics and gameplay. Here you can learn how to make a dragon out of blocks. More details about the game, its features and variants of the passage read on the best game sites Runet.