Rating of ways to multiply your wealth and become a star of Forbes magazine.

The world is ruled by money, therefore to manage the world you need money, and to have money, you have to earn it. Do you want to live the life of the prince and have everything you want? Here is the rating of ways to multiply your wealth and maybe even get into the rating of billionaires or millionaires of Forbes magazine.

1. Method: To earn honest work. Yes, for a long time, yes, it's hard, but it will be honestly and completely earned by blood and then money. Surrounding like-on the drum, but you are warmed by pride. And the time for which you earn a comfortable existence depends on your persistence and position of course.

2. Method: To get married( married) to the rich( prick) prince or princess. Quickly, without much effort( except for the search for the second half with high incomes).But here everything is not so simple: you like it on the drum, marriage by calculation, you are only interested in money, but the people around you will not be of the best opinion and every now and then you will hear compromising questions like: You have enteredin marriage only because of money? Or: Where do you work now, how do you make money? I'll have to accept it.

3. Method: Steal or get scammed. The method of course is something good, or rather nothing, but only that it is much faster than the first, but the articles of the criminal code dealing with theft and fraud have not been canceled yet and are unlikely to be canceled. By the way, fraud has one plus, unlike banal theft, there you have to strain your brains, and this has a positive effect on mental development. And just do not think that I am calling for the commission of a crime:)

4. Method: Buy shares of any solid corporation. Buy quickly, but here the devetes will have to wait, and it is even more desirable to be interested in the activities of this corporation and its economic situation.

5. Method: Find the treasury. Well, it's a little bit already from a number of fiction, however there is a real side to this view. And if suddenly you managed to find a treasure, do not forget to unfasten the interest to the state, otherwise God forbid Uncle in uniforms. .. If you are ready to actually try yourself as a treasure hunter, then you have a real opportunity, thanks to the Encounter project, and in particularone of its directions: "Caching"