Popular messengers, rating of the best messengers( Top-7)

The agency of financial and economic news Bloomberg published the top-7 which included the most popular instant messengers .The ranking of the best is based on the size of the audience of users.

Not all of these services generate a lot of revenue, but owners see them as building blocks for an ecosystem that includes advertising, e-commerce and other ways of making a profit.

We present you a comparative overview of the most popular messaging software.

  • 7. Snapchat
  • 6. Line
  • 5. Viber
  • 4. WeChat
  • 3. Facebook Messenger
  • 2. WhatsApp
  • 1. QQ Messenger

7. Snapchat

This service, on whose logo the ghost flaunts, use about 100million users. With the help of the application, you can send photos, videos and pictures to your contact list. But you can not communicate simply with text, only "in pairs" with a visual image. Users set a time limit, during which recipients can view their messages. Then the files "evaporate" from the sender and receiver devices, but they are not deleted from the Snapchat servers.

6. Line

This chat, very popular in Japan, is used by 211 million people. Initially it was intended for mobile phones with Android and iOS, then there was a version for BlackBerry, Nokia Asha and Windows Phone. There is a version of Line for computers with Windows and Mac OS.The "highlight" of the application is the built-in social network, in which you can blog and send comments.

5. Viber

The best creation of Israeli developers is used by 249 million users. The PC application synchronizes the list of contacts, messages and call history with the mobile device of the "owner" and allows you to make free calls to any devices of other Viber users, regardless of the country.

4. WeChat

Chinese mobile encrypted service for instant messaging, which is used by 600 million users. During the period from April to July 2015, the number of WeChat users increased by 37%, according to the software developer, telecommunications company Tencent. The system supports voice and text messages, allows you to share photos and video files and share contacts via Bluetooth.

3. Facebook Messenger

Top of the list of the most popular messengers 2015 leads the service integrated into the social network Facebook. This application, based on the open protocol MQTT, is used by 700 million users. For comparison: Skype, the service of Internet telephony, managed by Microsoft Corp., boasts only 300 million users. In 2011, a mobile version was released for the BlackBerry, iOS and Android platforms, and in 2012 a messenger version for the PC appeared. In 2015, users of the service no longer require a mandatory registration on Facebook. In order to enter the application, you need to provide a phone number.

2. WhatsApp

Facebook Inc.paid $ 18 billion for the cross-platform application WhatsApp, whose audience currently has more than 800 million people. This is the best messenger presented in Russia. It has a standard messaging function, as well as the ability to create groups and share video, photo and audio files. Text can either be typed manually or dictated. The program binds to the phone number, not the user ID or nickname, and creates a contact list by scanning the owner's phone book for the numbers registered in the system.

1. QQ Messenger

The most popular messenger in the world , developed by Chinese Tencent. Every month with its help, 843 million people exchange secure messages. It has several interesting features, such as a built-in software store, real-time translation, capturing a small part of the chat screen, or recording small video clips and sharing them with the other person.