Rating of the best daily strategies Forex

Day trading strategies for Forex have a number of advantages - eliminating the need for a whole day to closely monitor the dynamics of rates and market indicators, allow you to earn with a small amount of deposit, are the least stressful for the investor.

This approach is conservative, but invariably profitable, with due attention to macroeconomic factors that influence exchange trends.

In today's collection, presents the best Forex strategies on the daily charts of .The top five included the most profitable trading systems.


5. "Three candles"

  • 4. "Lazy trader"
  • 3. The7
  • 2. "Ruler"
  • 1. Price Action
  • 5. "Three candles"

    The ideal option for beginners is based on a simple, but inthe same time with an elegant "candle" pattern.

    The essence of the "Three Candles" strategy is to determine the short-term change in the direction of the price movement, which makes it possible to open a trading position in the direction of the momentum and thus get a small profit. This strategy is actively used by some of the best forex advisors. We wrote about them earlier.

    4. "Lazy trader"

    Naturally, the daily strategies for Forex, included in the rating, are designed to save maximum time on the stock exchange. A "lazy trader" will require the investor's attention maximum for 30 minutes weekly.

    The transaction is opened once a week on Mondays after the closing of the first 4-hour candle on the very borders of which pending orders are placed. Closing of orders is made either on Friday evening, or when profits are reached.

    3. The7

    According to statistics, the profit on this strategy is 3-5 times higher than the losses, which makes The7 one of the most profitable trading systems. At one time, it enjoyed the best traders in Russia, whose rating we published earlier.

    The so-called channel trading system is based on the establishment of moving averages - EMA 5( Low), as well as EMA 5( High).As a result, a channel is formed, through which transactions will be selected.

    2. "Ruler"

    Opening of all transactions in the trading system takes place once a day after the closing of the day's candle. Two moving averages are set on the chart of the selected currency pair: SMA 10, as well as SMA 200. In addition, the horizontal levels are plotted on the bounces, the bounces of which are used to enter the trades.

    At the same time, support is considered for purchases, on resistance - sales.

    1. Price Action

    This popular trading system - is the best daily Forex strategy to date .The strategy relies on the analysis of price behavior and does not depend on the lagging indicators.

    This approach allows you to enter the trades not in the middle or the end of the trend, as is often the case with indicator trading, but at the very beginning, ensuring maximum profit.

    As a result, the analysis of the current state of the market the trader takes no more than 15 minutes daily.