Top of the most expensive banking brands in the world

British consulting company Brand Finance regularly estimates the value of various brands. The annual rating of Brand Finance Banking 500 is the of the world's most expensive banking brands .We offer to your attention the top ten leaders.

10. China Construction Bank( CCB) is one of the largest banks in China. Founded on October 1, 1954, it was originally called the People's Construction Bank of China. Its current name, which became a successful brand, valued at $ 15.4 billion, the bank received in 1996.

9. Bradesco is the largest private bank in Brazil. Banco Bradesco( BBD) is one of the leaders of the financial market of South America, functioning since 1943.The brand was estimated at $ 15.6 billion

8. BNP Paribas is a European leader in the banking and financial services market. According to the experts of the agency Standard &Poor's, BNP Paribas is one of the six strongest banks in the world. The headquarters of the bank are in Paris, London and Geneva. The brand value is $ 16.8 billion

7. American Express is one of the most famous financial brands of American origin, which Brand Finance experts estimated at $ 18.2 billion. American Express is famous for credit and payment cards, as well as for its roadchecks. AE Headquarters is located in New York.

6. Citi is the brand of the largest international corporation Citigroup, worth $ 18.6 billion. The Bank is one of the world leaders in the field of financial services. The total value of the bank's assets is over 1.9 trillion dollars. Citigroup is the primary securities dealer of the US Treasury.

5. Chase is a well-known brand of JPMorgan Chase, valued by Brand Finance at $ 18.9 billion. One of the oldest and most influential financial corporations according to Forbes magazine is also the largest public company in the world. The headquarters of JPMorgan Chase is located in New York.

4. Santander is the only Spanish brand that entered the top ten, with a value of $ 19.9 billion, according to experts from Brand Finance. Banco Santander is the largest bank in Spain and has one of the highest capitalization rates in the euro area( about 70 billion euros).The headquarters of the company is located in the city of Santander( Cantabria).

3. Bank of America is the largest American holding company in terms of assets. According to Forbes, the bank is one of the three largest companies in the world. Bank of America offers a wide range of financial services to both private customers and legal entities. The brand value is $ 22.9 billion.

2. Wells Fargo is an American company providing various services in finance and insurance, working in the markets of the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Invariably included in the rating of Fortune 1000, which includes the largest US companies, ranked by income level. The brand is estimated at $ 23.2 billion.

1. HSBC is a British bank that managed to rise to the leaders from the third place that it took last year. Founded as early as 1865 in Hong Kong to serve trade operations between China and Europe, the bank was named Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. After the acquisition of the British bank Midland, HSBC headquarters was moved to London. The cost of the brand experts estimated at $ 25.6 billion

Among Russian companies whose brands were included in Brand Finance Banking 500, Sberbank is ranked 17th, and VTB( 87th), Bank of Moscow( 190th place), Rosbank( 294th), Uralsib( 399th), Transcreditbank( 429th), Nomos-Bank( 433rd), Zenit( 439th) and Bank "Revival "(469th place).