Best Home Cinema, 2016 Rating

Who did not dream to immerse himself in the atmosphere of the cinema with its powerful sound from all sides, without leaving home. But which home theater is better to choose? This question will be answered by rating of home theaters in 2016 , compiled from the feedback of the users of the site "Yandex. Market".

Since a complete home theater is inconceivable without a good TV, we suggest studying our rating of high-quality TVs of 2016, and the top of the best TVs with a diagonal of 55 inches.

Contents: Samsung HT-J5530K

  • 9. Samsung HT-J4550K
  • 8. Samsung HT-H6550WK
  • 7. Philips HTB5550G
  • 6. Pioneer MCS-838
  • 5. Sony BDV-E3100
  • 4. Sony BDV-E6100
  • 3. Sony BDV-E4100
  • 2. Samsung HT-H7750WM
  • 1. Samsung HT-F9750W
  • 10. Samsung HT-J5530K

    Average price: 23,000 rubles.

    Begins the list of the best home theaters in 2016 model Samsung - HT-J5530K.Good sound( 5.1 acoustics), powerful speakers( total power in 1000W ), support for common media formats. Cons: the radio settings do not differ in simplicity and clarity, when listening to audio and radio - the high-frequency background of the speakers, and the wires are short.

    9. Samsung HT-J4550K

    Average price: 19 700 rubles.

    Power of the speakers is half lower - 500W , but acoustics is also 5.1.After the usual sound "from the TV," the difference will be felt even by a musician who has no music education, whose ears have suffered from the bear that has come on them. Unfortunately, the sound when playing audio files is no longer so good. Perfect for those who need a home theater only as an addition to a TV.

    8. Samsung HT-H6550WK

    Average price: 30 000 rubles.

    Acoustics 5.1, speakers with a total capacity of 1000W and the price is one and a half times higher compared to the previous position. Beautiful modern design, convenient remote control, powerful and clear sound. But not for long - according to user feedback, after a couple of months, the speakers begin to make noise.

    7. Philips HTB5550G

    Average price: 19 000 rubles.

    Another inexpensive position in the rating, but unlike number 9, Philips's power of the column is 1000W , wireless connection of "rear" and the ability to view mkv.

    Problems start with management. Half of the functions do not work, and the other half works through a stump-deck.

    6. Pioneer MCS-838

    Average price: 21 000 rubles.

    Stylish and rigorous design, 4 HDMI inputs, omnivorous - sees and reads almost all available formats, good wi-fi. When you watch a TV sound 5.1, but you have to listen to audio in 2.1 mode. If you want a better sound - you'll have to buy an external amplifier. The total power of acoustics is 1000 W .

    5. Sony BDV-E3100

    Average price: 18 700 rubles.

    The most budget among the best home theaters. Good multi-channel sound( acoustics 5.1, power of 1000W speakers) with a lot of settings. A very convenient TV SideView application. Disadvantages - connecting the speakers through the wires, an uncomfortable menu with small pictures and just one HDMI.

    4. Sony BDV-E6100

    Average price: 26 300 rubles.

    The total power of the 1000 W .Good sound, powerful bass, supports all formats, including viewing files over the network or external hard drives. Long wires will allow you to place the speakers as convenient for the user. Cons: slow internet operation through wi-fi.

    3. Sony BDV-E4100

    Average price: 23 900 rubles.

    Inexpensive option for those who need good sound( acoustics 5.1, power of 1000W ).In the complete set with a sound the user receives stylish design, an opportunity of viewing mkv, wi-fi, radio antenna and excellent compatibility with TVs Sony. Cons: does not see. ts files.

    2. Samsung HT-H7750WM

    Average price: 39 870 rubles.

    The second place in the rating of home theaters in 2016 is occupied by another model of Samsung - HT-H7750WM.It has a wonderful sound and stylish design. A big plus is the lack of wires. A lot of settings will allow you to get exactly the sound you need( acoustics 7.1, speakers with power in 1330 W ).However, there are also disadvantages: the modes are switched by only one button, the increased complexity of the setting.

    1. Samsung HT-F9750W

    Average price: 62 700 rubles.

    The most is the best home theater of 2016 according to users of - the most expensive of all participating in the rating. Stylish design fits into any situation. A beautiful sound - voluminous, powerful, which distinguishes this home theater from all others;especially pleases the quality of the sound effects of movies( acoustics 7.1, the power of the speakers 1330 W ).A big plus is the almost complete absence of wires. Cons: only one USB port and difficulties with playing files with a resolution greater than 1080.