Dishwasher Electrolux (Electrolux) - specifications, reviews

Dishwasher Electrolux (Electrolux) - what you need to know for proper use
The dishwasher is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen


  • 1 Main features of Electrolux dishwashers
  • 2 The main model lines of dishwashers "Electrolux"
  • 3 Overview of specifications and functionality
  • 4 Operating instructions for dishwashers "Electrolux"
  • 5 A quick overview of the most popular models
  • 6 First launch - what needs to be taken care of
  • 7 Typical malfunctions of Electrolux dishwashers
  • 8 Dishwashers "Electrolux" - reviews of real owners
  • 9 Review of prices and offers
  • 10 Video: "Dishwasher Electrolux - error codes and how to fix"

Main features of Electrolux dishwashers

The Electrolux brand is known all over the world as a trademark of household appliances for various purposes, the enterprises of which are located in many countries of the world, and the head office is located in Sweden. The line of products manufactured by the company includes refrigerators and hobs, ovens and hoods, and the brand's dishwasher "Comfort Lift" (with the technology of raising the lower basket) made a splash at the international exhibition in 2016, held in Germany. The Swedish company is constantly improving its models, so Electrolux dishwashers are deservedly popular among users, their main features are:

  • variety according to the type of performance and technical characteristics;
  • functionality and the ability to self-diagnose malfunctions;
  • ease of management and maintenance;
  • energy efficiency;
  • affordable cost.
Main features of Electrolux dishwashers
The dishwasher can be used to wash dishes for various purposes

The main model lines of dishwashers "Electrolux"

The company "Electrolux" produces several lines of dishwashers, differing in technical characteristics, functionality and a number of other features:

  • "Real Life" - large-sized machines 60 cm wide with increased capacity.

Models in this series are available for domestic and industrial use and are equipped with the Flexilift system, which allows you to load large kitchen utensils into the cooking chamber.

  • "Green" series allows you to save electricity consumption. For this, a separate connection to cold and hot water is provided, thus there is no need for additional heating before use.
The main model lines of dishwashers " Electrolux"
Compact tabletop dishwasher
  • "Comfort Lift" - these are models equipped with a special lifting mechanism for the lower basket, which makes it easier to use.
  • "Real Life Slim" - a series of compact dishwashers with a width of 45 cm. They have significant functionality achieved by the introduction of a number of new technologies:
  • Satellite - improves the quality of washing by spraying water from different sides;
  • FlexiWash - allows you to wash dishes laid on different tiers of the device with varying degrees of exposure (delicate, intense) and different temperature regimes.

Overview of specifications and functionality

When choosing any household appliance, the main criteria that influence this choice are its technical characteristics and functionality.

Dishwasher Electrolux ESF 45055 WR
Dishwasher "Electrolux ESF 45055 WR"

For dishwashers, the main technical characteristics that determine their capabilities are the following indicators:

  • Working chamber volume - determines the capacity of the dishwasher. For different series of the "Electrolux" brand, the load is from 6 to 15 standard sets of dishes.
  • Electric power - determines the possibility of installing the device in a particular location, as well as energy consumption. Dishwashers in the Green Series range consume 30% less electrical energy than comparable models in the other series.
  • Water consumption - this indicator depends on the model size:
Standard sizeWater consumption for one cycle of work, liters
  • Ability to effectively cleanse loadable dishes.
  • Noise levelcreated during the operation of the device.
  • Protection systems: from short-circuit currents and leaks, overheating and to protect children.
Control buttons on built-in models
The control buttons on the built-in models are conveniently located on the appliance door
  • Type of control and drying of dishes - with natural drying and systems of the "turbo" type, touch or other type of control.
  • Functionality - the ability to wash and dry dishes in various modes, in accordance with the necessary need.

The functionality depends on the number of programs installed in the machine control system:

  • washing types - intensive or economical;
  • BIO mode - using special detergents;
  • Eat-Load-Run mode - quick wash within 30 minutes;
  • delayed start - allows you to turn on the device for a specified period of time;
  • function "AirDry" - automatically opens the door ajar after drying the dishes.
Lifting mechanism in models of the " Comfort Lift" series
The lifting mechanism in the Comfort Lift series models provides easy access to the dishes

Operating instructions for dishwashers "Electrolux"

Complete with any household appliance and device, there is always an instruction manual, which must be studied before using the device. Nevertheless, you can highlight the main points that you should pay attention to before starting operation. They can be formulated as follows:

  • the place of installation of the dishwasher must be chosen before the moment of its purchase, due to the need to place space in one place or another and the geometric dimensions of the household device;
  • in the immediate vicinity of the installation site, there must be an electrical outlet that has a grounding contact and is designed for a current of at least 16 amperes;
  • the length of the drain hose must be sufficient to the pipes of the sewer network, which ensure the discharge of the used water;
The dishwasher can also wash dishes made of thin glass and crystal
The dishwasher can also wash dishes made of thin glass and crystal
  • the machine must be located strictly in a horizontal plane, which is ensured by adjusting bolts and feet;
  • before placing the dishes in the dishwasher, it must be cleaned of food debris;
  • filters installed in the cleaning solution circulation system must be factory-made and correspond to the model of the device;
  • sprinklers used to spray water and detergent, and filters must be cleaned regularly;
  • operating modes should correspond to the degree of soiling and the type of dishes, which will reduce the consumption of detergents.
Comfort Lift series
Comfort Lift series is easy to use and maintain

A quick overview of the most popular models

In our country, dishwashers of the Electrolux brand are popular due to their reliability, functionality, and affordable cost. The most popular, according to user reviews, are models of the Electrolux brand in the following categories:

  • compact, free-standing - "ESF 2400ON";
  • built-in narrow - "ESL94200LO";
  • narrow, free-standing - "ESF9453LMW";
  • full-size, freestanding - "ESF9526LOX";
  • recessed full-size - "ESL9532ILO".

"Electrolux ESF 2400ON"

The model has a stylish design, the door and control panel are made in red.

Electrolux ESF 2400ON
Model "ESF 2400ON"

It is a compact device, installed separately, equipped with protection against leaks and has an energy efficiency class "A +" and dimensions: 438 × 550 × 500 mm (height × width × depth). Electric power - 1.18 kW. The dimensions of the working chamber can accommodate 6 standard sets of cookware. The washing mode has 6 programs, including:

  1. "20 Min Party Program" - "party".
  2. "Eco": temperature regime - 55 ° С.
  3. "Glass" - gentle, with a temperature of the detergent composition - 40 ° C.
  4. "Intensive" - providing the maximum effect (70 ° C).
  5. "Normal": temperature regime - 65 ° С.
  6. "Fast" - works at a washing liquid temperature of 40 ° C.

"Electrolux ESL94200LO"

This 45 cm wide built-in dishwasher is the leader in this category.

Electrolux ESL94200LO
Model "ESL94200LO"

Its distinctive features are ease of operation and the presence of a third basket for dishes. The dual priming hose provides protection against leaks and the small size allows for use in confined spaces. The model has an energy efficiency class "A", as well as five programs and three temperature settings for washing dishes. Overall dimensions - 818 × 446 × 550 mm, which allows loading up to 9 sets of dishes. The upper basket is adjustable in height and has a foldable cup shelf. A non-removable plate shelf with a wire handle is mounted on the lower basket.

"Electrolux ESF9453LMW"

The model is equipped with sensors that monitor the flow and temperature of the water, which allows you to optimize the duration of the washing process and, as a result, to reduce the cost of electricity consumption energy. The presence of the AirDry technology, which ensures that the door opens after the end of washing, eliminates the possibility of condensation on the inner surface of the working chamber and washed dishes.

Electrolux ESF9453LMW
Model "ESF9453LMW"

This is a free-standing unit and requires the following dimensions - 850 x 446 x 615 mm. You can load 9 standard sets of dishes into the dishwasher at a time and process them in four temperature modes using six programs. The model has a delayed start function, limited to 24 hours.

Height-adjustable upper basket that is accessible even when fully loaded. It also has a foldable cup shelf. The control panel has indicators for salt and rinse aid. Energy efficiency class - "A +".

"Electrolux ESF9526LOX"

Model in standard size 850 x 600 x 625 mm for free-standing use. Overall dimensions allow loading up to 13 sets of dishes at the same time. Energy efficiency class - "A +", the body and front of the machine are made of stainless steel.

Electrolux ESF9526LOX
Model "ESF9526LOX"

The model has four temperature settings and is equipped with five dishwashing programs:

  1. "Eco": temperature regime - 50 ° С.
  2. "Intensive wash": detergent temperature - 70 ° C.
  3. "Normal": temperature - 65 ° С.
  4. "Fast +" - the washing process takes place in 30 minutes at a washing liquid temperature of 60 ° C.
  5. Rinsing and waiting.

The upper basket is adjustable and has a shelf for cups. Standard type hot water hose. The model is equipped with the "Delay start" function, which is 3 hours.

"Electrolux ESL9532ILO"

This 60 cm wide built-in dishwasher is equipped with an intensive wash program to ensure that the dishes are cleaned to the maximum. The overall dimensions of the model are 818 × 596 × 550 mm, which allows you to wash up to 13 sets of dishes at a time. The "Aqua control" filling hose ensures safe operation against leaks, and a sensor installed on the water supply controls the degree of its contamination and consumption.

Electrolux ESL9532ILO
Model "ESL9532ILO"

Five programs and four temperature settings provide various operating options.

The upper basket is adjustable with a cup rack, and the lower basket is a foldable plate rack.

First launch - what needs to be taken care of

Before putting a new Electrolux dishwasher into operation, you must:

  • read the instruction manual;
  • check the correctness of the connection to the electrical network, water supply and sewerage;
  • remove the inner packaging and shipping bolts, if any;
  • adjust the water softener;
  • pour 1 liter of water into the salt reservoir, then add the same special salt for dishwashers;
  • fill the rinse aid dispenser.

If everything is very clear on the first three points, then it is necessary to dwell on the following in more detail.

Starting the dishwasher for the first time
Correctly installed equipment is the key to successful operation for many years

Setting up the water softener

The hardness of water depends on the amount of minerals and salts it contains, and the more there are, the higher the hardness. The successful and trouble-free operation of the dishwasher largely depends on this indicator, because salt and minerals contained in water are negatively reflected in all structural elements devices. It is to reduce this negative effect that a water softener is provided in the design of the dishwasher.

The level of hardness in different regions is different, so you can find out about its value in the water supply organization or submit a water sample for analysis to a special laboratory capable of performing this operation. As a rule, the operating instructions contain a table for setting the water softener in accordance with its hardness. The setting can be done manually or in automatic mode - how to do this is described in the instructions for a specific model.

Adding salt to the reservoir
Filling salt in a tank intended for this purpose

Refueling with special salt

For use in dishwashers, only special salt intended for this purpose is used. 1 liter of water is poured into the salt reservoir (this is done only when the machine is first started), after which the salt is poured. It must completely fill this reservoir, after which it closes, and the device is ready for further preparation for operation.

Adding rinse aid

Rinse aid is necessary to prevent stains and streaks on the dishes after drying. This operation is performed after adding salt. The rinse aid is poured into a container specially designed for it. The amount of liquid to be poured is adjusted according to the marks located on the body of the device.

Special salt and dishwasher detergents
Using special salt and detergents will prolong the life of the dishwasher

To change the amount of rinse aid entering the working chamber, there is a special switch on the control panel that regulates this amount. The setting of the operating mode for different models may differ, therefore, for the correct adjustment of this element, it is necessary to read the operating instructions for a particular model.

Typical malfunctions of Electrolux dishwashers

As with any technical device, dishwashers tend to break sometimes, which is caused by loads during operation, as well as improper conditions of use and maintenance. In order to facilitate troubleshooting, the manufacturer has stored error codes in the device's memory corresponding to a particular breakdown.

Error codes for dishwashers "Electrolux"

Error codeMalfunction symptomMalfunction
i10One-time blinking of the indicator with an interval of 5 seconds.There is no water filling in the machine.
i20Indicator blinks twice.There is no water drain.
i30Indicator blinks three times.The leakage protection has triggered.
i50The indicator flashes five times.Circulation pump defective.
i60The indicator flashes six times.Other reasons, including:
  • heating element burned out;
  • faulty electrical wiring;
  • the temperature sensor is out of order;
  • little water;
  • the circulation pump is broken;
  • the control board is defective.

The table shows the most common types of breakdowns and their corresponding codes. Other faults and codes are in specialized workshops that repair household appliances.

Dishwasher repair
Dishwasher repairs must be performed by qualified personnel.

Repair of dishwashers "Electrolux"

Repair of Electrolux dishwashers can be classified into three levels of complexity:

  • simple - which can be performed independently, without the involvement of specialists, the error code is i10, and the reasons: the tap is closed or the water supply hose is pinched, and the filter installed in front of the filling is clogged hose;
  • medium difficulty - can be performed on site, but this requires certain knowledge or a call from a specialist. This category includes the following types of malfunctions: replacing the pump that drains water (error code - i20), cleaning filters and hoses, as well as repairing control buttons;
  • difficult - performed in specialized workshops by qualified personnel.

Spare parts for dishwashers "Electrolux"

In our country there are specialized centers dealing with the repair of household appliances of the "Electrolux" brand, so if there is such a workshop nearby, it is best to go there. In this case, the guaranteed installation of original spare parts will be provided and a warranty period for the work performed will be provided.

Spare parts for dishwashers " Electrolux"
Specialized centers - the best choice in case of breakdown of household appliances

In addition, original components and spare parts can be ordered through Internet resources, since the company "Electrolux" has its dealers in our country, and its representative offices are in many regions.

Dishwashers "Electrolux" - reviews of real owners

Due to the fact that there is the Internet, you can always find reviews about the model of interest to a potential buyer, and it does not matter which group of household appliances this device belongs to. Below are the reviews of the real owners of Electrolux dishwashers, taken from the website:

Model "Electrolux ESL94200LO".

Model " Electrolux ESL94200LO"
Electrolux ESL94200LO model
Model " Electrolux ESL94200LO" review

The Electrolux ESF2200DW is the predecessor to the ESF 2400 OW discussed in this article.

Model " Electrolux ESF2200DW"
Model " Electrolux ESF2200DW" review
Electrolux ESF2200DW model

Model "Electrolux ESF9450LOW", close in characteristics to "ESF9453LMW".

Model " Electrolux ESF9450LOW"
Model " Electrolux ESF9450LOW" review
Electrolux ESF9450LOW model

Review of prices and offers

Dishwashers of the Electrolux brand can be purchased in household appliances stores and retail chains specializing in this category. goods, at the dealers of the manufacturer's company, as well as on various Internet resources selling appliances for home use. The following table shows the cost of the dishwashers discussed in this article when sold over the Internet.

ModelCost when sold through (rubles):
Еlectrolux.ruTechnoPark.ruHolodilnik.ruaverage price
ESF 2400 OW25 90021 50021 50022 966
"ESL94200LO"32 90019 90019 90024 233
"ESF9453LMW"42 50042 00042 50042 333
"ESF9526LOX"41 90025 90033 900
"ESL9532ILO"34 50029 90029 90031 433

A variety of models with different technical characteristics and placement options, as well as cost, allows you to choose a device in a different price range in accordance with the requirements and personal preferences user.

Video: "Dishwasher Electrolux - error codes and how to fix"