Rating of the best racers of Formula 1

This rating of the best drivers of Formula 1 is made on the basis of such indicators as the victories of racers, pole positions and so on. At the same time, the results of the last five years are used, the old grand prix is ​​deducted, and the new ones are added up, thus, for the old victories the driver gets less points than for the new ones. With such a calculation system, Michael Schumacher, who did not rise to the podium once after his return, was on the 17th place.

10. Adrian Sutil( Adrian Sutil), 28 years

Debuted in Formula 1 in the 2007 season in the team of Spyker F1.Grand Prix of Italy in 2009 was the best in his career: the best race, finished fourth, and on qualification - the second. In his fourth season he moved to Force India. In the 2011 season, it takes 12th place.

9. Robert J? Zef Kubica, 26 years old

Polish racing driver in the team Renault F1 Team, the first native of Eastern Europe, who won the Formula 1. Grand Prix debuted in 2006, first won the Grand PrixCanada in 2008.Until 2009 I went to the BMW Sauber F1 team. In February 2011, Kubica was in the worst accident, because of which he spent almost 3 months in the hospital, and will return to the race only by the end of the season.

8. Rubens Gon? Alves Barrichello, 39 years old

In the number of points earned in his career, he takes fourth place, and is considered the most experienced racer of Formula 1 , having spent more than 300 Grand Prix. He made his debut in 1993 at the Grand Prix of South Africa in the Jordan team. For the first time he won in the season of 2000, already in the team of Ferrari, having traveled before this 2 seasons in the Stewart team. Since 2010, he is the main pilot of the Williams team. In the season 2011 takes the 4th place.

7. Nico Rosberg, 26 years old

Son of Keke Rosberg, world champion in the Formula 1 race. He made his debut in 2006 at the Grand Prix of Bahrain in the Williams team, which included until 2009.At the end of the 2009 season, he announced his retirement from the team, noting that "Williams is a great team".Since the 2010 season is the main driver of the team Mercedes GP.In the season 2011 takes the 7th place.

6. Felipe Massa, 30 years

Debuted in 2002 at the Australian Grand Prix in the Sauber team, his partner was the champion of the Formula 3000 in 1999.Since 2006, and this season is part of the team Ferrari, the first to win in the first season in the new team - at the Grand Prix of Turkey in 2006.In the season 2011 takes 6th place.

5. Jenson Alexander Lyons Button, 31 year

Started his career as a Formula 1 racer in 2000 at the Australian Grand Prix as part of the Williams team. The following season he joined the Benetton team, which was later bought by Renault. His first victory was in 2006 at the Hungarian Grand Prix as part of the Honda team. The last two seasons are part of McLaren, this season takes the 4th place.

4. Fernando Alonso D? Az, 30 years

The two-time world champion of Formula 1( 2005 and 2006) made his debut in 2001 at the Australian Grand Prix as part of the "Minardi" team when he did not turn twentyyears. The following season, he was invited to Renault F1 as a reserve pilot, and the following year he became the team's main pilot. As part of the same team, Alonso became the youngest champion of Formula 1, but the following year he unexpectedly moved to McLaren and again became the champion. In the season of 2011 is part of the team Ferrari and takes 4 th place.

3. Mark Alan Webber, 34 years

Debuted in 2002 at the Australian Grand Prix in the Minardi team and, despite the weak car, took the 5th place. His first victory was won by the Red Bull team in 2009 at the German Grand Prix, while the entire 2009 season was successful for the rider, and the 2010 season was the best in his career, where he was leading until the middle of the season. In 2011, it occupies the 2nd position.

2. Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, 26 years

Made his debut at the 2007 Australian Grand Prix in the McLaren team and finished fourth on the very first race. For the first time he won the Canadian Grand Prix of the same year. In 2008, he became the first black world champion of the Formula-1, because of what often suffered racist insults. In response to these bullying, the FIA ​​sponsored the company "Race Against Racism".In the season 2011 takes 3rd place.

  1. Sebastian Vettel, 24

As the youngest world champion and winner of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, he started his career in Formula 1 in 2007 at the US Grand Prix in the BMW team, replacing the injured Robert Kubica. For the first time he won the Italian Grand Prix in 2008.In the 2009 season Vettel moved to the Red Bull team, replacing David Coulthard, and in 2010 in the same team became the champion. This season he is currently in the lead.